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3 Men of the House by Daphne Dawn Read Online (FREE)

3 Men of the House read online

Read 3 Men of the House: A MFM Menage Romance by Daphne Dawn online free here.

Chapter 1




“We’re almost there. Thank fuck,” Percy mutters under his breath, looking out the window. “I’m fucking tired of being in here with you.”

We’re driving through Southampton in the back of the limousine so graciously provided by Percy, my captor. His father has just died – an auspicious heart attack – and we’re going to the palatial family compound to hear the reading of the will.

“So very nice to hear, Percy,” I whisper, gritting my teeth and looking down at my hands, out the window, pretty much anywhere but at him. “The feeling’s mutual. This is a fake marriage, nothing more than that.”

“Listen,” he tells me, turning on the seat to face me, his eyes narrowing into two thin slits. “Just fucking do as I say. Just be silent and act pregnant. You have one job—so get it right.”

Percy is determined to inherit everything, including his father’s company, Raine’s Petroleum. He’s somehow gotten his hands on the will and he knows what’s required for the inheritance: whoever’s most likely to perpetuate the family line will inherit the company—thus my fake pregnancy.

Percy couldn’t get me pregnant anyway – he’s Percy, through and through. I’m sure he couldn’t get it up for me even if he really did need to make a real baby, and even if he wasn’t gay.

I can’t even tell you how fucking glad I am about that.

I don’t want his affections, I don’t want to feel his touch, nothing. Because he’s a total monster. I shudder remembering the look on my dad’s face when Percy came in and demanded I go with him.

Our fathers were once friends, partners even, but when Percy’s dad John died, he took control of the company. My dad was screwed out of his share.

Percy now claims my family owes him a ridiculous amount of money, and he basically took me as ransom so that I could be part of his scheme to take over everything.

“You’re so sure this plan of yours will work,” I say, steeling myself to look over into his beady little eyes. “It won’t. People won’t believe it – everyone knows that you’re gay.”

“It doesn’t matter,” he chuckles, his eyes locked on mine. “All that matters is that fake baby you supposedly have inside you. That’s all they need to believe.”

“You’re an evil, petty man,” I whisper, balling my hands into fists. “Karma will come back to get you.”

“Shut up, you stupid little bitch. This has nothing to do with you, and as long as you’re with me, you better keep your goddamn opinions to yourself. Otherwise, I promise you and your family will be out on the fucking street, just like Barbara.”

He’s already taken the liberty of kicking his stepmother Barbara, his father’s newest wife, out of the house. I think about her, and how one day everything was fine and the next she’s virtually homeless.