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A Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury Read Online (FREE)

A Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury Read Online

Read A Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury online free here.

For some of you, this is your first time with the Baxter family. Yes, you could go back and read twenty-three books on these most-loved characters. The list of Baxter titles—in order—is at the beginning of this book. But you don’t have to read those, to read this one. In fact, there will be other Baxter books coming in the next few years. If you wish, you can begin right here.

At Christmastime.

Whether you’ve known the Baxters for years or are just meeting them now, here’s a quick summary of the family, their kids, and their ages. Also, because these characters are fictional, I’ve taken some liberty with their ages. Let’s just assume this is how old everyone is today.

Now, let me introduce you to—or remind you of—the Baxter family:

The Baxters began in Bloomington, Indiana, and most of the family still lives there today.

The Baxter house is on ten acres outside of town, with a winding creek that runs through the backyard. It has a wraparound porch and pretty view and the memories of a lifetime. The house was built by John and Elizabeth Baxter. They raised their children here. Today it is owned by one of their daughters—Ashley—and her husband, Landon Blake. It is still the place where the extended Baxter family gathers for special celebrations—like Christmas.

John Baxter: John is the patriarch of the Baxter family. He is a doctor, well known in Bloomington. He also teaches medicine at Indiana University. John’s first wife, Elizabeth, died ten years ago from a recurrence of cancer. Years later, John remarried Elaine, and the two live in Bloomington.

Dayne Matthews, 41: Dayne is the oldest son of John and Elizabeth. Dayne was born out of wedlock and given up for adoption at birth. His adoptive parents died in a small plane crash when he was 18. Years later, Dayne became a very visible and popular movie star. At age 30, he hired an attorney to find his birth parents—John and Elizabeth Baxter. He had a moment with Elizabeth in the hospital before she died, and years later he connected with the rest of his biological family. Dayne is married to Katy, 39. The couple has three children: Sophie, 6; Egan, 4; and Blaise, 2. They are very much a part of the Baxter family, and they split time between Los Angeles and Bloomington.

Brooke Baxter West, 39: Brooke is a pediatrician in Bloomington, married to Peter West, 39, also a doctor. The couple has two daughters: Maddie, 18, and Hayley, 15. The family experienced a tragedy when Hayley suffered a drowning accident at age 3. She recovered miraculously, but still has disabilities caused by the incident.

Kari Baxter Taylor, 37: Kari is a designer, married to Ryan Taylor, 39, football coach at Clear Creek High School. Kari also runs the Bloomington Crisis Pregnancy Center with her sister Brooke. Kari and Ryan have three children: Jessie, 16; RJ, 9; and Annie, 6. Kari had a crush on Ryan when the two were in middle school. They dated through college, and then broke up over a misunderstanding. Kari married a man she met in college, Tim Jacobs, but some years into their marriage he had an affair. The infidelity resulted in his murder at the hands of a stalker. The tragedy devastated Kari, who was pregnant at the time with their first child (Jessie). Ryan came back into her life around the same time, and years later he and Kari married. They live in Bloomington.