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A Time of Blood by John Gwynne Read Online (FREE)


A Time of Blood by John Gwynne Read Full Novel

A Time of Blood by John Gwynne

Originally published: April 16, 2019
Author: John Gwynne
Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Read A Time of Blood by John Gwynne full novel Online

Cast of Characters


Cheren Horse Clan

Jin—daughter of Uldin, King of the Cheren. A ward of the Ben-Elim, raised in Drassil. Betrothed to Bleda of the Sirak Clan.

Uldin—King of the Cheren and father to Jin.

Gerel—Jin’s oathsworn guard.

Sirak Horse Clan

Bleda—son of Erdene, Queen of the Sirak. A ward of the Ben-Elim, raised in Drassil. Betrothed to Jin of the Cheren Clan.

Ellac—A one-handed warrior of the Sirak. Bleda’s guard.

Erdene—Queen of the Sirak. Mother of Bleda.

Mirim—oathsworn guard of Bleda.

Ruga—oathsworn guard of Bleda.

Tuld—oathsworn guard of Bleda.

Yul—first-sword of Erdene.


Drem—a trapper of the Desolation. Son of Olin.

Hildith—member of Kergard’s Assembly. Owner of a mead-hall.


Alcyon—a giant who resides in Drassil.

Aphra—sister of Riv. A White-Wing of Drassil, captain of a hundred.

Avi—Fia’s son.

Balur One-Eye—father to Ethlinn, Queen of the Giants. He resides in Drassil.

Ert—veteran sword master of Drassil. Trainer of the White-Wings.

Ethlinn—Queen of the Giants. Daughter of Balur One-Eye.

Fia—a White-Wing of Drassil.

Jost—a White-Wing of Drassil.

Lorina—a White-Wing of Drassil and captain of a hundred.

Riv—sister to Aphra. A training White-Wing.

Sorch—a White-Wing of Drassil.

Vald—a White-Wing of Drassil.


Byrne—the High Captain of Dun Seren. A descendant of Cywen and Veradis.

Cullen—a young warrior of Dun Seren. A descendant of Corban and Coralen.

Cure—title for the captain of Dun Seren’s healing school.

Fen—one of Keld’s wolven-hounds.

Flick—a talking crow of Dun Seren.

Grack—one of Stepor’s wolven-hounds.

Hammer—a giant bear.

Kill—title for the captain of Dun Seren’s warrior school.

Keld—a warrior and huntsman of Dun Seren.

Rab—a white talking crow of Dun Seren.

Ralla—one of Stepor’s wolven-hounds.

Shar—Jehar warrior.

Stepor—a warrior and huntsman of Dun Seren.

Tain—the crow master of Dun Seren. Son of Alcyon.

Utul—Jehar warrior. Captain of Balara’s garrison.

Varan—a giant of Dun Seren.


Hadran—loyal to Kol. Riv’s guardian.

Kamael—from the garrison of Ripa, supporter of Sariel.

Kol—one of the Ben-Elim of Drassil.

Meical—once High Captain of the Ben-Elim. Now frozen in starstone metal, sealed with Asroth in Drassil.

Sariel—Lord of the Ben-Elim garrison at Ripa.


Arn—acolyte of Gulla, from Fritha’s crew.

Asroth—Lord of the Kadoshim. Frozen within starstone metal in the Great Hall of Drassil.

Claw—Gunil’s giant bear.

Elise—acolyte of Gulla, daughter of Arn.

Gulla—High Captain of the Kadoshim.

Morn—a half-breed Kadoshim. Daughter of Gulla.

Fritha—priestess and captain of the Kadoshim’s covens.

Gunil—a giant, brother of Varan.



The Year 138 of the Age of Lore, Wolven’s Moon

Drem looked up from his horse’s steady gait. Through the stark branches above he glimpsed the sun sinking into the mountains ahead, a pale glow behind snow cloud and leafless branches. In a matter of heartbeats twilight was settling upon them like a shroud.