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Accidental Protector by Nicole Snow Read Online (FREE)

Accidental Protector Read Online Free

Read Accidental Protector: A Marriage Mistake Romance by Nicole Snow online free here.



Accidentally hitched. Cue the sweet insanity.


Waking up next to the world’s hottest stranger is my first red flag.

The huge rock on my finger? Hint number two I’m head-over-heels in trouble.

I’m hair-on-fire freaked by the marriage certificate.

Then I sit down with Noah Bernard, my mysterious new “husband.”


He talks a good game.

Easy, when he’d put Hercules to shame.

Olympian abs. Defiant growl. Come-to-mama eyes.

Mammoth freaking ego.

I almost wish I remembered our honeymoon.

But I need answers. Not more secrets.


I came to Reno to reinvent myself.

What’s a pretend wife to do with a tight-lipped temporary badass?

Sweet revenge, for one.

Like the day my two-timing ex hears I’ve landed Mr. Perfect.


Hello, unintended consequences.

After Noah finds out, there’s no hiding the truth.

I know why there’s this darkness in his eyes.

I learn how bad my lips can ache for one more kiss.

I see him face down hell itself. Protecting me.

I keep asking the inevitable: what if the divorce papers can’t undo love?



Mornin’, Hercules (Mindy)


The unnerving sensation of not knowing where I am hits before I’ve even opened my eyes.

Plus, the hellacious pounding in my head tells me I’m not ready for this yet. Not ready to look. It’ll hurt, guaranteed.

I groan, pushing my cheek into the pillow, piercing pain rippling up my jaw like lightning. Then I pry my eyes open one at a time, instantly regretting it.

Should’ve listened. Shouldn’t invite this stabby, invisible dagger into my brain, but the unease growling in my belly gets the best of me.

I have to know where the hell I am.

White walls. Stark white. Painful, priestly white.

Nothing’s familiar.

I close my eyes. Bask in sweet relief.

Then I try to think. Try to remember.

Try to fight through this angry nothingness fogging up my mind.

My heart starts racing and I try to dispel it. The strange desire to freak out.

I take a deep breath and hold it.

What do I know? What do I remember?

I’m in Reno. And I went out last night to a casino. Hit it big on a slot machine. Dancing cartoon cats on the screen everywhere, throwing dollar bills, the entire machine going siren red and green with flashing lights.

A woman with bright purple lipstick and oversized shades insisted on a victory round of margaritas for us both. So, I indulged her, just like anybody in great spirits and instantly flush with cash.

But I wasn’t done yet. Oh, mama, no.

Then I’d played blackjack. My almost-friend with the purple lips steered me toward the tables before she’d disappeared.

That’s where I’d found that handsome sip of sin. Hercules.

The utterly ripped, silver-tongued beast who gives me a shaky smile even now. The man who kept winking at me with his vivid blue eyes every time I won another hand.