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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

I slide the bracelet over my wrist and slowly rock my lower arm back and forth, letting the charms sway. I’ve never received anything like this before. I thought the e-reader was the best gift ever, but Hardin managed to outdo himself by giving me this bracelet. Noah always gave me the same thing: perfume and socks. Every single year. Then again, I gave him cologne and socks each year. That was our thing—our boring, routine thing.

I stare at the bracelet for a few more seconds before I realize that both Hardin and Trish are watching me. Immediately I get up and begin to clean the small mess of wrapping paper.

With a chuckle, Trish asks, “Well, lady and gent, what shall we do for the rest of the day?”

“I feel like taking a nap,” Hardin tells her, and she rolls her eyes.

“A nap? This early? And on Christmas?” she mocks.

“It’s not Christmas, for the tenth time,” he says a bit harshly, but then smiles.

“You’re obnoxious,” she scolds and swats at his arm.

“Like mother, like son.”

As they gently bicker, I get lost in thought and take the small pile of crinkled and torn paper and push it into the steel trash can. I feel even worse about not getting Hardin a gift than I did before. I wish the mall were open today . . . I have no idea what I’d get, but anything would be better than nothing. I look down at the bracelet again and run my finger over the infinity heart charm. I still can’t believe that he would get me a charm to match his tattoo.

“Almost done?”

I jump in surprise from the sound and the tickle at my ear. Then I turn and smack Hardin. “You scared me!”

“Sorry, love,” he says between chuckles. My heart leaps when he calls me “love.” It’s so unlike him.

I feel him smile against my neck, and he wraps his arms around my waist. “Join me for my nap?”

I turn and face him. “No. I’ll keep your mom company. But,” I add with a smile, “I will tuck you in.” I don’t really like to take naps unless I’m too exhausted to do anything else, and it would be nice to hang out with his mom and read or something.

Hardin rolls his eyes but leads me to our bedroom. He pulls his shirt over his head, and it falls to the floor. As my eyes travel over the familiar designs inked into his skin, he smiles at me. “You really like the bracelet?” he asks as he walks over to the bed. He tosses the decorative pillows onto the floor and I pick them up.

“You’re so messy!” I complain. I put the pillows into the trunk and Hardin’s shirt on the dresser before grabbing my e-reader and joining him by the bed. “But to answer your question, I do love the bracelet. It’s really thoughtful, Hardin. Why didn’t you say it was from you?”