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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

I bring her face between my hands and gently move my thumbs across her cheekbones, making sure she keeps eye contact with me as her breathing slows. “Just calm down, baby,” I repeat.

The redness disappears from her cheeks, and she nods slowly.

“I’m going to make sure she leaves, okay?” I say so low that it’s almost a whisper.

She nods again and moves to sit on the bed. “Hurry up,” she demands as I leave the room.

When I walk into the living room, Tessa’s mother is there alone, pacing. She looks up at me sharply, like a jungle cat sensing prey. “Where is she?” she asks.

“She’s not coming out. You are leaving, and you’re not going to come back here. I mean it,” I say through my teeth.

She raises an eyebrow. “Are you threatening me?”

“You can take it however you want, but you need to stay away from her.”

This manicured woman, so put together and prim-looking, gives me a sly, hard look that I’ve only ever seen from people like those in Jace’s crew. “This is all your fault,” she says calmly. “You have brainwashed her; she doesn’t think for herself anymore. I know what you are doing. I’ve been with men like you. I knew you were trouble since the day I laid eyes on you. I should have had Tessa change rooms and prevented all of this. No man is going to want her after this . . . after you. Look at you.” She waves her hand in the air and turns toward the door.

I follow her out into the hallway. “That’s the point, isn’t it? That no man will want her, no man but me. She’ll never be with anyone but me,” I boast. “She will always choose me over you, over anyone.”

She spins and takes a step toward me. “You are the devil, and I’m not going to just go away. She is my daughter, and she’s too good for you.”

I nod my head several times quickly, then look at her flatly. “I’ll make sure to remember that when I’m burying myself into your daughter tonight.”

As the words leave my lips, she gasps and reaches her hand up to smack me. I grab her wrist and push it back down gently. I would never hurt her or any woman, but neither am I going to let her hurt me.

I give her my best smile before I go back into the apartment and slam the door in her face.


chapter forty


I rest with my head against the door for a moment, and when I turn around, my mum is standing in the living room, staring at me with a mug of coffee in her hands, her eyes completely bloodshot.

“Where were you?” I ask.

“The bathroom,” she says, her voice cracking.

“How could you tell Tessa to go? To leave me?” I say. I knew she would be disappointed, but that was too much.