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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“Why did you do that if he was your friend? Did you show everyone?”

“No, I didn’t show anyone. I deleted it after I sent Dan a screen grab . . . I don’t know why I did it, really. He was such a dick about telling me to stay away from her when he brought her around the first time that it made me want to fuck her just to piss him off. He’s a true asshole anyway, Tessa.”

“How do you not see how fucked up this is! How fucked up you are?” I yell.

“I know it is! I know that, Tessa!”

“I thought my bet was the worst thing you had done . . . but, oh my God, this is even worse.”

Natalie’s story doesn’t hurt me nearly as bad as finding out about Hardin and Zed’s bet, but it’s worse by being more vile and revolting, and it makes me question everything I thought I knew about Hardin. I knew he wasn’t perfect—far from it—but this is a whole new level of disgrace.

“This was all before you, Tessa—this is my past. Please let it stay that way,” he pleads. “I’m not the same person now—you’ve made me a better person.”

“Hardin, you don’t even care about what you did to those girls! You don’t even feel guilty, do you?”

“I do.”

I cock my head and squint at him. “Only because now I know.” When he doesn’t argue, I reiterate my point. “You didn’t care about them, about anyone!”

“You’re right! I don’t care—I honestly don’t give a shit about anyone, except you!” he shouts back.

“This is too much, Hardin! Even for me . . . the bet, the apartment, the fights, the lies, getting back together, my mother, your mother, Christmas—it’s too fucking much. I don’t even get a breath between these . . . these messes. As soon as I get over one thing, another comes out. God knows what else you’ve done!” I start crying. “I don’t know you at all, do I?”

“Yes, you do, Tessa! You do know me. That wasn’t me—this is me. This is me now. I love you! I will do anything for you, for you to see that this is me, the man who loves you more than breathing, the man who dances at weddings and watches you sleep, the man whose day can’t start until you kiss me, the man who would rather die than be without you. That’s me, that’s who I am. Please don’t let this ruin us. Please, baby.”

His green eyes are glossy, and I’m moved by his words, but it isn’t enough. He steps toward me, and I back away. I need to be able to think. I raise my hand in front of me. “I need time. This is too much for me right now.”

His shoulders lower, and he seems relieved. “Okay . . . okay . . . take time to think.”

“Away from you,” I explain.


“Yes, Hardin. I can’t think straight around you.”

“No, Tessa, you’re not leaving,” he commands.