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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“Yes, please. It’s got a really great taste,” Trish replies and hands over her empty glass for Karen to fill.

“Thank you, we got it in Greece this summer; it was such an amazing—” She stops midsentence. After a pause, she adds, “A nice place,” before handing Trish back her glass.

Trish smiles and gives a little air salute. “Well, the wine is excellent.”

At first I’m confused by this awkwardness, but then I realize that Karen has gotten the Ken that Trish never had. She gets trips to Greece and all over the world, a huge home, new cars, and most importantly she gets a loving and sober husband. I really applaud Trish for being so strong and forgiving. She’s making a huge effort to be polite, especially given the circumstances.

“Anyone else? Tessa, would you like a glass?” Karen asks as she finishes pouring one for Landon. I look toward Trish and Hardin.

“Only one, for the holiday,” Karen adds.

I finally give in and reply, “Yes, please.” I’m going to need a glass of wine if the day continues to be this awkward.

As she pours, I see Hardin nodding his head next to me several times. And then he remarks, “What about you, Dad? You want a glass of wine?”

Everyone looks at him with wide eyes and open mouths. I squeeze his hand to try to silence him.

But he continues with a wicked smirk. “What? No? C’mon, I’m sure you do. I know you miss it.”


chapter forty-seven


Hardin!” Trish snaps.

“What? I’m just offering the man a drink. Being social,” he says.

I watch Ken, who I can tell is debating whether or not to take Hardin’s bait, whether to let this become a full-blown argument.

“Stop it,” I whisper to Hardin.

“Don’t be rude,” Trish tells him.

Ken finally reacts. “It’s fine,” he says and takes a drink of his water.

I look around the room. Karen’s face has paled. Landon is staring at the large television on the wall. Trish downs her wine. Ken looks bemused, and Hardin is glaring at him.

Then he shows a simmering smile. “I know it’s fine.”

“You are just angry, so go ahead and say what you please,” Ken says. He shouldn’t have said that. He shouldn’t have treated Hardin’s emotion in this area so trivially, like it was a young boy’s opinion that merely had to be endured for a moment.

“Angry? I’m not angry. Annoyed and amused, yes, but angry, no,” Hardin says calmly.

“Amused by what?” Ken asks. Oh, Ken, just stop talking.

“Amused by the fact that you’re acting as if nothing ever happened, as if you weren’t a massive fuckup.” He points at Ken and Trish. “You two are being ridiculous.”

“You’re crossing the line here,” Ken says. Jesus, Ken.

“Am I? Since when do you get to decide where the line is?” Hardin challenges him.

“Since this is my home, Hardin. That’s why I get to decide.”