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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“Hey, long time no—”

“Tess!” Hardin calls my name and shuts the car door to walk around to my side. Trevor’s eyes go to Hardin, then back to me, and his smile disappears. “You forgot something . . .” Hardin says, handing me a pen.

A pen? I raise my eyebrow.

He nods and wraps his arms around my waist, pressing his lips forcefully against mine. If we weren’t in a parking lot—and I didn’t feel like this was his sick way of marking his territory—I would melt under the aggressive manner with which his tongue parts my lips. When I pull away, his face holds a smug expression. I shiver and rub my hands over my arms. I should have worn a heavier jacket.

“Nice to see you. Trenton, was it?” Hardin says with false sincerity.

I know damn well he knows his name. He’s so rude.

“Uh . . . yeah. Nice to see you, too,” Trevor mumbles and disappears through the sliding doors.

“What the hell was that?” I scowl at Hardin.

“What?” He smirks.

I groan. “You’re such a pig.”

“Stay away from him, Tess. Please,” Hardin commands, kissing me on the forehead to soften his harsh words.

I roll my eyes and stomp inside the building like a child.

“How was your Christmas?” Kimberly asks as I grab a donut and coffee. I probably shouldn’t drink another cup, but Hardin’s caveman act has annoyed me, and the smell of the coffee beans alone calms me.

“It . . .”

Oh, you know, I took Hardin back, then found out he made sex tapes with multiple girls, ruining one of their lives, but then I took him back again. My mother showed up at my apartment and caused a scene, so now she and I aren’t speaking. Hardin’s mother was in town, so we had to pretend we were together, even though we weren’t, which basically brought us back together, and it was smooth sailing until my mother told his mother about him taking my virginity for a bet. Oh, and Christmas? To commemorate that holiday, Hardin beat the shit out of his dad and punched his hand through a glass cabinet. You know, the usual.

“. . . was great. How was yours?” I say, going with the short version.

Kimberly dives into her amazing Christmas with Christian and his son. The little boy cried when he saw the new bicycle that “Santa” brought him. He had even called Kimberly “Mommy Kim,” which made her heart warm, but made her slightly uncomfortable at the same time. “It’s strange, you know,” she says. “Thinking of myself as someone’s guardian or whatever I am. I’m not married, not even engaged, to Christian, so I don’t know my place with Smith.”

“I think Smith and Christian are both lucky to have you in their lives, whatever title you may have,” I assure her.

“You’re wise beyond your years, Ms. Young.”

She smiles, and I rush to my office after glancing at the clock. By the time lunch comes around, Kimberly’s not at her desk. When the elevator stops at the third floor, I silently scream as Trevor steps into it.