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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“Hey,” I say, my voice small.

I don’t know why this is so uncomfortable. It’s not like I was dating Trevor or anything. We went on one date and I had a nice time. I enjoy his company and he enjoys mine. That is all.

“How was your break?” he asks, his blue eyes shining under the fluorescent lighting.

I wish people would stop asking me that today. “Nice. Yours?”

“It was nice—had a huge turnout at the shelter downtown, fed over three hundred people.” He beams proudly.

“Wow, three hundred people? That’s incredible.” I smile. He’s so kind, and the tension between us is somewhat diminished.

“It was really great; hopefully next year we’ll have even more resources and we can feed five hundred.” As we both step off the elevator he asks, “Are you going to lunch?”

“Yeah, I was going to walk over to Firehouse, since I didn’t drive myself,” I say, not wanting to discuss Hardin and me at the moment.

“You can ride with me if you want. I’m going to Panera, but I can run you by Firehouse first. You shouldn’t walk in the snow,” he offers politely.

“You know? Panera’s good. I’ll just come with.” I smile, and we head to his car.

The heated seats in his BMW warm me up before we’re even out of the parking lot. At the eatery, Trevor and I stay mostly silent while we order our lunch and sit down at a small table toward the back.

“I’m thinking about moving to Seattle,” Trevor tells me as I dip a cracker into my broccoli soup.

“Really? When?” I ask loudly, trying to speak over the many voices of the lunch crowd.

“March. Christian has offered me a job there—a promotion to head of finance at the new branch—and I’m strongly considering taking it.”

“That’s really great news—congratulations, Trevor!”

He wipes the corners of his mouth with a napkin. “Thank you. I would love to run the entire finance department, and even more, I’d love to move to Seattle.”

We talk about Seattle for the rest of the meal, and by the time we finish, all I can think is Why can’t Hardin feel the same about Seattle?

When we get back to Vance, the snow has turned to freezing rain and the two of us rush into the building. I’m shivering by the time we reach the elevator. Trevor offers me his suit jacket, but I quickly decline.

“So you and Hardin are seeing each other again?” he finally asks, a question I had been waiting for.

“Yeah . . . we are working through things.” I chew on my cheek.

“Oh . . . you’re happy, then?” He looks down at me.

I look up at him. “Yeah.”

“Well, I’m happy for you.” He runs his hands over his black hair and I know he’s lying, but I appreciate him not making this any more awkward than it already is. That’s part of his goodness, too.

When we step off of the elevator, Kimberly’s face holds a strange expression. I’m confused by the way she’s looking at Trevor, until I follow her eyes to where Hardin is leaning against the wall.