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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“You were supposed to be right back . . . Baby.”

I sigh and take a deep breath before speaking again. I always react to every impulse that I get, and I’m trying not to do that anymore. But fuck if she doesn’t make it difficult. “Let’s go inside,” I say and reach for her hand.

I need to get her away from Zed, and honestly, I need to get myself away from him as well. I’ve already beat the shit out of him once, and something in me wouldn’t mind doing it again.

“I’m going to get a tattoo, Hardin,” Tess tells me as I help her down from the wall.

“What?” Is she drunk?

“Yeah . . . you should see Zed’s new tattoo, Hardin. It’s so nice.” She smiles. “Show him, Zed.”

Why the fuck was Tessa looking at his tattoos, and how much did I miss? What else were they doing? What else was he showing her? He has wanted her since the first time he met her, just like I did. The difference being that I wanted to fuck her, and he actually liked her. But I won; she chose me.

“I don’t . . .” Zed begins, visibly uncomfortable.

“No, no. Go on, show me, please,” I say sarcastically.

Zed blows out some smoke and, to my horror and absolute fucking annoyance, lifts his shirt up. Moving the bandage aside, I see that the tattoo itself is actually pretty cool, but why he felt the need to show my Tessa this shit is beyond me.

Tessa beams. “Isn’t it cool? I want one. I think we decided on a smiley face!”

She isn’t serious. I pull my lip ring between my teeth to prevent myself from laughing at her. I look at Zed, who just shakes his head and shrugs. Some of my annoyance disappears at her ridiculous idea for a tattoo. “Are you drunk?” I ask her.

“Maybe.” She giggles. Great.

“How much did you drink?” I ask. I had two drinks, but I can tell she’s had more.

“I don’t know . . . how much did you drink?” she teases, and lifts up the bottom of my shirt. Her cold hands rest against my hot skin, and I flinch before she nuzzles her head on my chest.

See, Zed, she’s mine. Not yours, not anyone’s, only mine.

Looking at him, I ask, “How much did she drink?”

“I’m not sure how much she drank before, but we just played two games of beer pong . . . with cherry vodka sour.”

“Wait . . . we? You two played beer pong?” I ask through my teeth.

“Nope. Cherry-vodka-sour pong!” she corrects me with a laugh and brings her head up. “We won, too, twice! I made most of the shots. Steph and Tristan were both pretty good, but we beat them. Twice!” She holds her hand up like Zed should high-five it, and he begrudgingly does a sort of air-high-five from where he stands.

This is Tessa, the girl who is so used to being the best and smartest at everything that she’s boasting over winning a game of beer pong.