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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

I love every bit of it. “Straight vodka?” I ask Zed.

“No, it’s the mix with only a little vodka, but she had a lot of it.”

“And you brought her out here in the dark when you knew she was wasted?” I say, raising my voice.

Tessa brings her face close to mine, and I can smell the vodka and mix on her breath. “Hardin, please chill out. I’m the one who asked him if I could c-come outside with him. He told me no at first because he knew you’d act like . . . like thissss.” She frowns and tries to remove her hands from my bare stomach, but I gently put them back against my skin. I wrap my arms around her waist, pulling her even closer to me.

Chill out? Did she really just tell me to chill out?

“And let’sss not forget if you wouldn’t have left me, we c-could have been beer-pong partnersss,” she adds, slurring.

I know she’s right, but she’s pissing me off. How could she play with Zed, of all people? I know he has feelings for her still. Nothing compared to what I feel, but I can tell by the way he’s looking at her that he cares for her.

“Am I right, or am I right?” she asks.

“Okay, Tessa,” I growl in an attempt to silence her.

“I’m going to go inside,” Zed says, tossing his cigarette onto the ground before walking away.

Tessa watches him, then says to me, “You are so grumpy, maybe you should go back to wherever you ran off to.” She tries to pull away from me again.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I respond, purposely dodging her remark about my absence.

“Then stop being grumpy—because I’m having fun tonight.” She looks up at me. Her eyes appear even lighter than usual with the black lines she colored around them.

“You couldn’t have expected me to be happy to find you alone with that motherfucker.”

“Would you rather me being out here with someone else?” She’s awfully testy when she’s drunk.

“No, you’re missing the point here,” I snap.

“There’s no point. I didn’t do anything wrong, so stop being an ass or I don’t want to hang out with you,” she threatens.

“Fine, I won’t be a grouch.” I roll my eyes.

“No rolling your eyes either,” she scolds, and I take my arms away from her waist.

“Fine, no eye rolling.” I smile.

“That’s what I thought.” She tries to fight her smile.

“You are quite bossy tonight.”

“The vodka makes me brave.”

I feel her hands move lower on my stomach. “So you want a tattoo, then?” I ask, moving her hands back up, but she defies my attempt and touches me even lower.

“Yep, maybe five.” She shrugs her shoulders. “I don’t know.”

“You aren’t getting a tattoo.” I laugh, but I’m beyond serious.

“Why not?” Her fingers play at the hem of my boxers.

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow when you’re sober.” I know this idea will not appeal to her when she’s not drunk. “Let’s go inside.”