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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

She slips her hand into my boxers and stands on her toes. I assume she’s going to kiss my cheek, but she brings her mouth to my ear. I hiss as she squeezes me gently in her hand.

“I think we should stay out here,” she whispers. Fuck.

“The vodka certainly makes you brave.” My voice cracks, betraying me.

“Yes . . . and it makes me hor—” she begins to say, way too loud. I cover her mouth as a small group of drunk girls walks by.

“We need to get inside, it’s freezing, and I don’t think they would appreciate me fucking you in the bushes.” I smirk, and her pupils dilate.

“But I would appreciate that very much,” she says the moment my hand uncovers her mouth.

“Jesus, Tess, a few drinks and you become sex-crazed.” I laugh, remembering Seattle and the filthy words that fell from her full lips. I need to get her inside before I take her up on her offer and drag her into the bushes.

She winks. “Only for you.”

I can’t hold in my laughter. “Let’s go.” I put my hand on her arm and pull her across the yard and into the house.

She pouts the entire time, and that makes my groin ache even more, especially when she pushes her bottom lip out. I could easily lean across and pull it between my teeth. Fuck, I’m just as bad as she is, and I’m not even drunk. Maybe a little high, but not drunk. She would be so mad if she’d found me upstairs; I didn’t actually smoke, but I was in the room and they were making it a point to blow it in my face.

I pull her through the crowd and lead her into the least crowded room downstairs, which happens to the kitchen. Tessa leans her elbows on the island and looks up at me. How is it that she looks just as beautiful as she did when we left the apartment? All the other girls here look dreadful by now—after the first drink, their makeup begins to smear, their hair begins to tangle, and they look sloppy. Not Tessa. Tessa looks like a fucking goddess compared to them. Compared to anyone.

“I want another drink, Hardin,” she says, but when I shake my head, she sticks her tongue out of her mouth like a child. “Please? I’m having fun, don’t be a party pooper.”

“Fine, one more, but you have to stop talking like a ten-year-old,” I tease her.

“Okay, sir. I most sincerely apologize for my immature language. I will not repeat said indiscretion—”

“Or an old man,” I say with a laugh. “But you can call me sir again.”

“Fuck, well, okay, then. I’ll fucking stop fucking talking like a motherfucking . . .”

But she doesn’t finish her foul sentence because she and I are both laughing too hard.

“You’re insane tonight,” I tell her.

She giggles. “I know, it’s fun.”

I’m glad she’s having fun, but I can’t help the annoyance that I feel at her having had fun with Zed, not me. I’m going to keep my mouth shut, though, because I don’t want to ruin her night.