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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“Lame,” Molly chimes in.

Tessa ignores her and downs the shot. She’s already wasted—if she has much more, she’ll be getting sick.

“Molly, truth or dare?” Tessa says, her voice much too smug. Everyone tenses. Steph looks at me questioningly.

Molly’s eyes meet Tessa’s, clearly surprised at Tessa’s bold move. “Truth or dare?” Tess repeats.

“Truth,” Molly answers.

“Is it true . . .” Tessa begins and leans forward, “that you’re a whore?”

Gasps and chuckles fill the area. I bury my face in Tessa’s back to muffle my laughs. Jesus, this girl is nuts when she’s drunk.

“Excuse me?” Molly retorts, mouth agape.

“You heard me . . . is it true that you’re a whore?”

“No,” Molly says, her eyes now small slits.

Nate is still laughing, Steph looks amused yet worried, and Tessa looks like she’s ready to pounce on Molly.

“It’s called truth for a reason,” Tess eggs her on. I gently squeeze her thigh and whisper to her to let it go. I don’t want Molly to hurt her, because then I’ll have to hurt Molly.

“My turn,” Molly says.

“Tessa, truth or dare?” she asks. Here we go.

“Dare.” Tessa smiles sadistically.

Molly fakes surprise, then sneers, “I dare you to kiss Zed.”

I look up quickly at Molly’s terrible face. “Fuck no,” I say loudly. Everyone but her seems to shrink back a little.

“Why not?” Molly smirks. “It’s familiar territory—she’s done it before.”

I sit up more, pulling Tessa against me as I move both of us. “Not fucking happening,” I growl at the little whore. I don’t give a shit about this stupid-ass game, she isn’t kissing anyone.

Zed’s eyes are focused on the wall, and when Molly looks over at him, she sees she has no support there. “Fine, let’s do truth, then,” she says. “Is it true that you’re a dumb-ass for getting back with Hardin after he admitted he fucked you for a bet?” she asks in a cheery voice.

Tessa’s body goes rigid on my lap. “No, that’s not true,” she says, her voice small.

Molly stands up. “No, no, this is Truth or Dare, not little-girl make-believe. It is the truth— and you are a dumb-ass for it. You believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Not that I blame you, because I know all of the amazing things that mouth can do. Man, that tongue—”

Before I can stop her, Tessa is off of my lap and lunging toward Molly. Their bodies collide, Tessa pushing her back by her shoulders and grabbing on to them as they both fall back over Ed. Luckily for Molly, some other random kid breaks her fall. Unluckily for her, Tessa moves her hands from Molly’s shoulders and grabs her hair.

“You fucking bitch!” Tessa screams, holding Molly’s bright hair in her fists. She lifts Molly’s head off of the carpet before slamming it back down. Molly yells and kicks her feet under Tessa’s body, but Tessa has the advantage and Molly can’t seem to gain any control over the situation. Molly’s nails claw at Tessa’s arms, but Tessa grabs her wrists and slams them down to her sides before raising a hand and slapping her across her face.