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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“God, I hope not,” she says and looks momentarily grossed out.

“Don’t worry about it. Do you want to go find Steph?” I ask to distract her.

“Or we could do something else . . .” she says, hooking her fingers into the top of my jeans.

“You are never drinking vodka when I’m not around,” I tell her, teasing but so serious.

“Sure . . . now let’s go upstairs.” She leans up and plants a kiss on my jaw.

“You’re a bossy little thing, aren’t you?” I smile.

“You aren’t the only one who gets to be bossy all the time.” She laughs and grips the collar of my shirt, pulling me down to her height. “At least let me do something for you,” she purrs, nipping at my earlobe.

“You just got in a fight—your first fight, at that—and this is what you’re thinking?”

She nods. Then she says in a low, slow voice that makes my pants feel even tighter, “You know you want to, Hardin.”

“Okay . . . fuck . . . okay.” I give in.

“Well, that was easy.”

I grab her wrist and lead her upstairs.

“Has someone already taken over your old room?” she asks when we reach the second floor.

“Yeah, but there are plenty of empty rooms,” I tell her and open the door to one of them. The two small beds are covered with black comforters, and there are shoes in the closet. I don’t know whose room this is, but it’s ours now.

I lock the door and take a few steps to meet Tessa. “Unzip me,” she commands.

“Not wasting any time, I see—”

“Shut up and unzip my dress,” she snaps.

I shake my head in amusement, and she turns around and lifts her hair. My lips brush over the nape of her neck as I slide the zipper down her back. Goose bumps appear on her soft skin, and I follow them down her spine with my index finger. Shivering a little, she turns around, sliding down the sleeves of her dress. The whole thing drops to her feet, revealing the hot-pink lace bra and panties that I absolutely fucking love. I can tell by the smile on her face that she knows this.

“Leave your shoes on,” I practically beg.

She agrees with a smile and looks down at her shoes. “I want to do something for you first.” In a swift motion, she tugs at my jeans, but frowns when they don’t move. Her fingers quickly unbutton the fly front and she pulls them down. I step backward toward the bed, but she stops me.

“No, ew. Who knows who has done what on that thing.” She makes a disgusted face. “Floor,” she demands.

“I guarantee that floor is much dirtier than the bed,” I say. “Here, let me put my shirt down.” I pull my shirt over my head and lay it on the floor, then sit down on top of it. Tessa joins me, straddling me. Her mouth latches on to the skin on my neck, and she rolls her hips, pushing herself against me.