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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“What?” I say, but he just watches me and waits for an answer. “No, of course not. My mother has nothing to do with us. I fell in love with you because . . . well, because I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t help it. I tried not to because of what my mother would think, but I never had a choice. I’ve always loved you, whether I wanted to or not.”


“What can I do to make you see that?” After everything I’ve been through for him, how could he think me being with him is a way to rebel against my mother?

“Not kiss other guys, perhaps.”

“I know you’re insecure, but you should know that I love you. I have fought for you from day one, with my mother, Noah, everyone.”

But something I’ve said strikes him wrong. “ ‘Insecure’? I’m not insecure. But I’m also not going to sit around and be played for a fucking fool.”

With his sudden turn back to anger, I’m starting to get angry myself. “You are worried about ‘being played’?” I know what I did was wrong, but he has done much worse to me. He really did treat me like a fool—and I forgave him.

“Don’t start that shit with me,” he growls.

“We’ve come such a long way, we’ve been through so much, Hardin. Don’t let one mistake take that from us.” I never thought I’d be the one begging for forgiveness.

“You did it, not me.”

“Stop being so cold to me. You’ve done a lot of things to me, too,” I snap.

Anger returns to his face, and he storms away from me, yelling over his shoulder, “You know what? I’ve done a lot of things, but you kissed someone right in front of me!”

“Oh, you mean like the night you had Molly on your lap and kissed her in front of me?”

He spins around quickly. “We weren’t together then.”

“Maybe not to you, but I thought we were.”

“Doesn’t fucking matter, Tessa.”

“So you’re saying that you aren’t going to let this go, then?”

“I don’t know what I’m saying, but you are getting on my nerves.”

“I think you should go to bed,” I suggest. Despite the glimpses of understanding that have appeared in the last few minutes, it’s clear that he has his mind set on being cruel.

“I think you shouldn’t tell me what to do.”

“I know you’re angry and hurt, but you can’t talk to me that way. It’s not right and I won’t put up with it. Drunk or not.”

“I am not hurt.” He glares at me. Hardin and his pride.

“You just said you were.”

“No, I didn’t, don’t tell me what I said.”

“Okay, okay.” I throw my hands up, giving in. I’m exhausted, and I don’t want to pull the pin on the grenade that is Hardin. He walks over to the key rack and takes his key chain off while he stumbles to grab his boots. “What are you doing?” I rush over to him.