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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“Stay still, Tess,” he instructs.

“I can’t,” I mewl as he softly bites my inner thigh. There’s just no way. He chuckles, and if my brain were actually connected to the rest of my body right now, I would roll my eyes at him.

“Do you want to do this here or would you like to watch?” he asks and my stomach flutters. The pressure continues to build between my legs, and I attempt to squeeze them together to get some relief.

“No, no, baby. Not yet.” He’s torturing me. He pushes my thighs apart and puts more of his weight on me to keep them separated.

“Here,” I finally answer, almost having forgotten he asked a question.

“Thought so.” He smirks.

He’s so cocky, but his words do things to me that I never thought possible. I can’t get enough of him, even when he has me pinned to the bed with my legs spread open.

“I had thought about doing this before, but I was too selfish. I wanted to be the only one to make you feel this way.” He leans down and swipes his tongue along the bare skin between my hipbone and the top of my thigh.

My legs involuntarily try to stiffen, but he doesn’t allow it. “Now, since I know exactly how you like to be touched, this will not take long.”

“Why do you want to?” I squeak when he bites down on my skin again, then licks the sensitive skin.

“What?” He looks up at me.

“Why . . .” My voice is thick and shaky. “Why show me if you want to be the only one?”

“Because despite that, the thought of you doing it to yourself, in front of me . . . just, fuck,” he breathes.

Oh. I need relief and soon; I hope he doesn’t plan to torture me long.

“Besides, you can be a little uptight sometimes—and maybe this is just what you need.” He smiles, and I try to hide my face in embarrassment.

If we weren’t doing . . . this . . . I would say something back about him calling me uptight. But he’s right, and like he said earlier, I’m otherwise occupied.

“Here . . . this is where you start.” He surprises me by placing his cool fingers against me. A hiss escapes my lips from his cold touch. “Cold?” he asks and I nod. “Sorry.” He chuckles, then slides his fingers inside of me without warning.

My hips buck off the bed, and I clamp my hand over my mouth to silence myself.

He smirks. “I just need to get them nice and warm.”

As he moves his fingers slowly in and out a few times, the fire within me heats up. Then he removes them, making me feel empty and desperate. Suddenly he places them back where they previously were and I bite down on my lip.

“Now, don’t go and do that, or we won’t be able to finish your lesson.”

I don’t look at him. Instead, I swipe my tongue across my lip and bite down again.