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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“The first day of college and how you were so rude,” I tease.

“Rude? I didn’t even speak to you!”

I laugh. “Exactly.”

“You were so annoying with your dreadful skirt and your loafer-wearing boyfriend.” He claps with glee. “Your mum’s face was priceless when she saw us.”

My chest tenses at the mention of my mother. I miss her, but I refuse to take the blame for her mistakes. When she’s ready to stop judging Hardin and me, then I’ll talk to her, but if she doesn’t do that, then she doesn’t deserve my time.

“You were annoying with your . . . well . . . your attitude.” I can’t think of what to say, because he didn’t speak to me the first time I met him.

“Remember the second time I saw you? You were in a towel and you were carrying those wet clothes.”

“Yes, and you said you wouldn’t look at me,” I recall.

“I lied. I was certainly looking at you.”

“It seems so long ago, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, very long ago. It doesn’t seem like those things actually happened; now it seems like it’s always been us, you know what I mean?”

I pop my head around the curtain and smile. “I do, actually.” It’s true—but so odd to think about Noah being my boyfriend instead of Hardin. It doesn’t sit right. I care for Noah so much, but both of us wasted years of our lives dating each other. I turn off the shower and push him to the back of my mind.

“Can you . . .” I begin to ask, but before I finish, Hardin tosses a towel over the top of the curtain.

“Thanks,” I say while wrapping the cloth around my wet body.

Hardin follows me into our bedroom, and I get dressed as fast as possible while he lies on his stomach on our bed, his eyes never leaving me. I towel-dry my hair and get dressed. Hardin does a good job at distracting me with not so subtle gropes during the process.

“I’m driving you,” he says and climbs off the bed to get himself dressed.

“We already had that established, remember?” I remind him.

“Shut up, Tess.” He shakes his head playfully, and I smile a mock-innocent smile before heading back into the living room.

I decide to wear my hair straight for once. After I apply light makeup, I grab my bag and take another look inside to make sure everything I need is inside before meeting Hardin by the front door. Hardin carries my gym bag for yoga class, and I carry my bag full of everything else that I could possibly need.

“Go ahead,” he says as we step out.

“What?” I turn to look at him.

“Go ahead and spaz,” he says with a sigh.

I smile at him and tell him the intricate plans for the day, for the tenth time in twenty-four hours.

As he pretends to listen carefully, I promise him and myself that I’ll be much more relaxed tomorrow.