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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“Erm . . . sure,” he mumbles and uncrosses his long legs and stretches them in front and attempts to reach his toes.

I force myself to look toward the front of the room and away from Hardin to prevent the laughter that is fighting to surface.

“You’re supposed to touch your toes,” the blond girl next to Hardin says.

“Trying,” he says with an overly saccharine smile.

Why did he even respond to her—and why am I so jealous? She giggles at him while the image of me slamming her head against the wall plays on repeat in my mind. I always lecture Hardin about his temper, but here I am planning this whore’s murder . . . and calling her a whore even though I don’t know her.

“I can’t really see clearly, I’m going to move up,” I tell Hardin.

He looks surprised as he speaks. “Why? I wasn’t—”

“It’s nothing, I just want to be able to see and hear what’s going on,” I explain and drag my mat a few feet, stopping directly in front of Hardin.

I sit down and finish stretching with the group. I don’t have to turn around to see the look on Hardin’s face.

“Tess,” he hisses, trying to get my attention, but I don’t turn around. “Tessa.”

“Let’s begin with the downward-dog pose—it’s very simple and a basic one,” Marla says.

I bend down, place my palms against the mat, and look at Hardin through the space between my stomach and the floor. He’s standing still with his mouth open.

Once more Marla notices Hardin’s lack of movement. “Hey, man, you thinking of joining us in yoga?” she asks jokingly. If she does it again, I won’t be surprised if he curses her out in front of the entire class. I close my eyes and shift my hips so I’m bending over completely.

“Tessa,” I hear him say again. “The-reeee-sa.”

“What, Hardin? I’m trying to concentrate,” I say, looking at him again.

He’s now leaning over, attempting to do the pose, but his long body is bent at an awkward angle and I can’t help but burst into laughter.

“Shut up, would you!” he snaps, and I laugh louder.

“You are terrible at this,” I tease.

“You are distracting me,” he says through his teeth.

“I am? How?” I love having the upper hand with Hardin, because it doesn’t happen often.

“You know how, minx,” he whispers. I know the girl next to him can hear us, but I don’t care, I hope she does.

“Move your mat, then.” I purposely stand up to stretch and bend back down into the pose.

“You move . . . you’re the one toying with me.”

“Teasing,” I correct him, using his words from minutes ago against him.

“Okay, let’s move into a halfway lift,” Marla says.

I stand again then bend at my waist, putting my hands flat on my knees and making sure my back is at a ninety-degree angle.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Hardin groans at the sight of my bottom practically right in front of his face. I turn around to look at him and see that he isn’t remotely doing the pose correctly; he has his hands on his knees but his back is almost straight.