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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

My patience is wearing thin, and when she lifts her arms behind her head to tie her hair up and she’s practically giving this asshole a show, it takes everything in me not to drag her into the room.

I must be staring angrily at her, because she looks over at me and then says, “Okay . . .”—clearly puzzled. She gathers her schoolbooks in her arms and stalks into the bedroom.

“Fix the fucking heater,” I snap at the old perv. He gets to work silently—and stays quiet—so he must be smarter than I assumed.

After a few minutes, Tessa’s phone vibrates on the end table, and I take it upon myself to answer it when I see that the screen reads Kimberly. “Hello?”

“Hardin?” Kimberly’s voice is so high-pitched, I have no idea how Christian can stand it. It must be her looks that drew him in. Probably in a club when he couldn’t hear her very well.

“Yes. Lemme get Tess . . .”

I open the bedroom door to find Tessa lying across the bed with a pen between her teeth, her feet kicking in the air behind her.

“Kimberly is on the phone,” I explain, tossing the cell on the bed next to her.

She snatches it up and says, “Hey, Kim! Is everything okay?” A few seconds pass before she says, “Oh no! That’s terrible.” I raise my brow at her, but she doesn’t notice.

“Oh . . . okay . . . let me speak to Hardin about it. It’ll only take a second, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” She removes the phone from her ear and covers the bottom with her hand. “Christian caught some sort of stomach flu and Kim needs to take him to the hospital. It’s nothing too serious, but his babysitter isn’t available,” she whispers.

“So?” I shrug.

“They don’t have anyone to watch Smith.”

“Aaaaand you’re telling me this because?”

“She wants to know if we can.” She chews on the inside of her cheek.

There is no way in hell she’s suggesting that she wants to babysit that child. “Can what?”

Tessa sighs. “Babysit, Hardin.”

“Nope. Absolutely not.”

“Why not? He’s a good kid,” she whines.

“No, Tessa, this isn’t a day care. Not happening, tell Kim to buy him some Tylenol and some chicken soup and call it a day.”

“Hardin . . . she’s my friend and he’s my boss—who is sick. I thought you cared for him?” she asks and my stomach turns.

Of course I like him, he was there for me and my mum when my father was fucking up, but that doesn’t mean I want to watch his kid when I already have to go to a hockey game with Landon tomorrow. “I said no,” I say, standing my ground. The last thing I need is some annoying kid with a Kool-Aid mustache messing up my apartment.

“Please, Hardin?” she begs. “They don’t have anyone else. Pleeeease?”

I know she’s going to say yes regardless; she’s just entertaining me. I sigh in defeat and watch a smile grow on her face.