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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

By the time I get back to Landon’s, there is a note on the counter next to a plate of food that Karen put aside for me. Her and Ken went to a movie and will be back soon, it says.

I’m relieved to have the place to myself even though when they’re there, I don’t really notice because the house is so large. I take a shower and put on pajamas before lying down and forcing myself to catch up on my sleep.

My dreams shift back and forth between green- and golden-eyed boys.


chapter eighty-seven


Eleven days. It’s been eleven days since I’ve heard from Hardin, and it hasn’t been easy.

But Zed’s company has surely helped.

Tonight is the dinner party at Christian’s, and all day I’ve become increasingly afraid that being around the familiar faces there will remind me of Hardin and knock at the walls that I’ve been building. All it will take is one small crack and I’ll no longer be protected.

Finally, when it’s time to go, I take a deep breath and check myself one last time in the mirror. My hair is the same way it always is, down and curled in loose waves, but my makeup is darker than usual. I slide Hardin’s bracelet over my wrist; even though I know I shouldn’t be wearing it, I feel naked without it. It’s such a part of me now, the way he is . . . was. The dress looks even better today than it did yesterday, and I’m grateful that I’ve gained back the few pounds that I lost during the first few days of barely eating.

“I just want it back the way it was before. And I just want to see you back at my front door . . .” The music plays as I grab my small clutch purse. After one more beat, I pull the buds out of my ears and place them inside.

When I meet Karen and Ken downstairs, they’re dressed to a T. Karen is in a long blue-and-white-patterned gown, and Ken is wearing a suit and tie.

“You look so lovely,” I say to her, and her cheeks flush.

“Thank you, dear, so do you.” She beams.

She is so sweet. I’m going to miss seeing her and Ken so often when I have to leave.

“I was thinking that sometime this week we could go out to the greenhouse and work a little?” she asks me as we walk to the car, my nude heels clanking loudly on the concrete driveway.

“I would love to,” I tell her and climb into the back of their Volvo.

“This will be so much fun. We haven’t been to a party like this in a while.” Karen takes Ken’s hand in hers and places it on her lap as he pulls out of the driveway.

Their affection doesn’t make me envious, it reminds me that people can actually be good to each other.

“Landon will be home from New York late tonight. I’ll be picking him up at two a.m.,” Karen says excitedly.