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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

Regardless of how brokenhearted I am, I know Hardin wouldn’t hurt me purposely, but this is the second time something like this has happened. The first time I was quick to excuse his behavior. I was the one who convinced him to go to his father’s for Christmas, and he just couldn’t handle it. Tonight was his fault—he shouldn’t even have been there.

“Are you hungry?” Zed asks me as we leave his small bathroom for the living room.

“No, I already ate at the party,” I say; my voice is still hoarse from my excessive, embarrassing sobbing on the way to Zed’s apartment.

“Okay, we don’t have much anyway, but I could order you something if you want, so just let me know if you change your mind.”

“Thank you.” Zed is always so incredibly sweet to me.

“My roommate will be here in a little while, but he won’t bother us. He’ll probably crash as soon as he gets in.”

“I really am sorry that this keeps happening, Zed.”

“Don’t apologize. Like I said, I’m just glad I was there for you. Hardin seemed pretty angry when I got there.”

“We were already fighting.” I roll my eyes and take a seat on the couch, wincing from the soreness. “Go figure.”

All of my bruises and cuts from my automobile accident just healed, and now I’m going to have another, from Hardin. The back of my dress is dirty and ruined, and my shoes are scuffed down the sides. Hardin really does ruin everything that he comes in contact with.

“Do you need some clothes to sleep in?” Zed asks, handing me the old blanket I slept with a few nights ago.

I’m slightly apprehensive about borrowing Zed’s clothes. That’s something I share with Hardin, and I’ve never worn anyone else’s clothing.

“I think Molly has some stuff here . . . in my roommate’s room. I know that’s probably awkward . . .” He half smiles. “But I’m sure they’re better than sleeping in that dress.”

Molly is much thinner than me, and I almost laugh. “I can’t fit in her clothes, but thank you for thinking I could.”

Zed seems to be confused by my answer; his cluelessness is adorable. “Well, I have some clothes you can wear,” he offers, and I nod before I allow myself to overthink it. I can wear whoever’s stuff I want, Hardin doesn’t own me—he didn’t even care enough to try to explain himself to me.

Zed disappears into his bedroom and returns moments later with his hands full of clothing. “I grabbed a few different things, I don’t know what you like.” There’s something behind his tone that makes me think he’d really like to get to that stage with me. The one where you know what the other likes. The stage I’m at with Hardin. Was at. Whatever.

I grab a blue T-shirt and a pair of plaid pajama bottoms. “I’m not picky.” I give him a thankful smile before I go into the bathroom to change.