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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“I was lying.” I lift my hands into the air.

“You? Lying? No way.” Her eyes close, and she shakes her head slowly.

God, she’s feisty tonight. I take a deep breath to make sure that I don’t say something that will make this worse. “I don’t have a phone, for starters, and I went home to England.”

Her head snaps to look at me. “You what?”

“I went to England to clear my head. I didn’t know what else to do,” I explain.

Tessa turns down the volume on the radio and crosses her arms in front of her chest. “You didn’t answer my calls.”

“I know. I ignored them, and I’m so sorry for that. I wanted to call you back, but I couldn’t bring myself to, and then I got drunk and broke my phone.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

“No . . . I just want you to be happy, Tessa.”

She doesn’t say anything; she looks out the window again and I reach for her hand, but she pulls away. “Don’t,” she says.

“Tess . . .”

“No, Hardin! You can’t just show up eleven days later and hold my hand. I’m sick of going around in circles with you. I’m finally at a point where I can go an hour without crying, then you pop up and try to pull me back under. You’ve done this to me since the day I met you, and I’m sick of giving in to it. If you cared about me, you would have explained yourself.” She’s trying her hardest not to cry, I can tell.

“I’m trying to explain myself now,” I remind her, my annoyance growing as I pull into my father’s driveway.

She tries to open the door, but I hit the locks.

“You aren’t seriously trying to lock me in the car with you. You already basically forced me to leave Zed’s house! What’s wrong with you!” she begins to shout.

“I’m not trying to lock you in the car.” I am, though. However, in my defense, she’s stubborn and doesn’t like to listen to anything I have to say.

She presses the unlock button and climbs out.

“Tessa! Goddammit, Tessa, just listen to me!” I shout into the wind.

“You keep telling me to listen, but you haven’t been saying anything!”

“Because you won’t shut up long enough for me to!”

We always end up in a screaming match. I need to let her yell at me and just take it, otherwise I’ll say something I regret. I want to bring up Zed and the fact that she’s in his fucking clothes, but I have to keep my temper under control. “I’m sorry, okay, just give me two minutes to talk without interrupting me. Please?”

She surprises me by nodding and crossing her arms to wait for me to speak.

The snow is really coming down, and I know she’s freezing, but I have to talk to her now or she may change her mind.

“I went to England after you didn’t come back that night. I was so pissed off at you that I couldn’t see straight. You were being so damned difficult, and I just . . .”