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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“Hey.” He smiles.


“I ordered a pizza, it should be here any minute,” he tells me, and we sit back down on the bench and talk about our day so far.

After the pizza is delivered, Zed leads me back to a room full of plants that appears to be a greenhouse. Rows and rows of different types of flowers that I’ve never seen before fill the small space. Zed walks over to one of the small tables and takes a seat.

“That smells so good,” I tell him while I sit across from him.

“What, the flowers?”

“No, the pizza. Well, the flowers are okay, too.” I laugh.

I’m starving, I didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast this morning and I’ve been up since Hardin barged into Zed’s apartment to get me.

He takes a slice of pizza and places it on a napkin for me. Then he grabs his own and folds it in half, the way my father used to do. Before taking a massive bite, he asks, “How did everything go last night . . . well, this morning, I guess.”

I begin to feel uneasy watching him, and the smell of the flowers reminds me of the hours I used to spend in the greenhouse behind my childhood home, escaping from my drunk father screaming at my mother.

I look away from him and finish chewing before answering him. “It was a disaster at first, as always.”

“At first?” He tilts his head and licks his lips.

“Yeah, we fought like we always do, but it’s sort of better now.” I’m not going to tell Zed about Hardin breaking down and falling onto his knees in front of me; it’s too personal and only for Hardin and me to know.

“What do you mean?”

“He apologized.”

He gives me a look I don’t like much. “And you fell for it?”

“No, I told him I wasn’t ready for anything yet. I just told him I’d think about it.” I shrug.

“You aren’t really going to, are you?” Disappointment is clear in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m not going to dive right back into anything, and it’s not like I’m moving back into that apartment.”

Zed puts his slice down on his napkin. “You shouldn’t even be giving him a minute of your time, Tessa. What more does he have to do to you to make you stay away from him?” He stares at me as if I owe him an answer.

“It’s not like that. It’s not that simple to just cut him out of my life. I said I’m not dating him or anything, but we’ve been through a lot together and he’s been having a really hard time without me.”

Zed rolls his eyes. “Oh, drinking and getting high with Jace is his version of having a hard time, then?” he tells me, and my stomach drops.

“He hasn’t been hanging out with Jace. He was in England.” He really was in England, wasn’t he?