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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“What?” I snap and head to the living room.

Relief washes over me when she practically stumbles in with books and what looks like a poster board in her hands.

As soon as she sees me, the objects begin to topple to the floor. I rush over to help her pick them up.

“Thanks.” She takes the books from my hands and starts to walk up the staircase.

“Where are you going?” I ask her.

“To put my stuff away . . .” She turns to answer but then turns back around.

I would normally start cussing at her, but I’m hoping to find out what’s wrong with her without yelling, for once. “Are you going to eat dinner?” I call after her.

“Yeah,” she answers simply, without turning around.

I bite my tongue and head back to the dining room.

“She’ll be down in a minute,” I say, and I swear I catch Karen smiling, but it disappears when I look at her.

Minutes feel like hours before Tessa finally takes a seat next to me at the table. Hopefully her sitting next to me is a good sign.

A few minutes later, I realize it’s not a good sign, since she hasn’t spoken to me once and she’s barely eating the food on her plate.

“I got all my paperwork squared away for NYU. I still can’t believe it,” Landon says, and his mum smiles with pride.

“You won’t be getting the family rate,” my father jokes, but only his wife actually laughs.

Tessa and Landon—both being the polite suck-ups they are—smile and attempt fake laughs, but I know better.

Once my father brings the conversation back to sports, I find my opening to talk to Tessa. “I saw that cake . . . I didn’t know . . .” I begin to whisper.

“Don’t. Not right now, please.” She frowns and gestures to the other people in the room.

“After dinner?” I ask and she nods.

It drives me insane as she picks at her food; I really just want to shove her forkful of potatoes into her mouth. This is why we have issues, because I daydream about force-feeding her. The dining room is filled with my father trying to bring us all together through small talk and shitty attempts at jokes. I ignore him the best I can and finish my dinner.

“It was really good, honey,” my father praises Karen as she begins to clean up the table. He looks at Tessa, then back at his wife. “When you’re done with that, why don’t I take you and Landon out to Dairy Queen. Haven’t been there in a while . . .”

Karen nods with false enthusiasm, and Landon pops up to help her.

“Can we talk, please?” Tessa surprises me by asking when she stands up.

“Yeah, of course.” I follow her upstairs and into the room she’s been staying in.

I can’t tell if she’s going to scream at me or cry when she closes the door behind me.

“I saw the cake . . .” I decide to speak first.