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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“Sure you didn’t.” She rolls her eyes.

I can’t believe we’re having this fight over Zed. This is such bullshit; I told her to stay away from him, but being the stubborn girl she is, she doesn’t listen to shit I say.

At least she said she wasn’t shacking up with him when she stayed with him those times . . . times?

“How many times did you stay at his house?” I ask her, praying I heard her wrong.

“You already know this.” She’s getting angrier as the seconds pass, and so am I.

“Can we just try to talk about this calmly, because I’m this fucking close to losing my shit and that won’t be good for anyone.” I pinch my fingers together to prove my point.

“I tried that, and you—”

“Would you just shut up for two seconds and listen to me!” I yell and run my fingers through my hair.

And surprisingly, she does the exact opposite of what I thought she was going to do when she walks over to the bed, sits down on it, and shuts her damn mouth.

I DON’T REALLY KNOW what to say or how to begin, because I didn’t expect her to actually listen to me.

I move toward her and stand in front of where she’s sitting on the bed; she looks up at me with an unreadable expression, and I pace back and forth for a few seconds before stopping to talk.

“Thank you.” I sigh in relief and frustration. “Okay . . . so this is all just twisted around and fucked up. You thought I asked to come over and then I stood you up; you should know by now that I wouldn’t do that.”

“Should I?” she interrupts.

I don’t know how I expect her to know that by now, when I have done so much shit. “You’re right . . . but be quiet,” I say, and she rolls her eyes.

“My party fucking sucked, and I wouldn’t have even gone if you didn’t want me to. I didn’t drink at all—well, actually I did have one drink, but that’s all. I didn’t talk to any other girls, I barely spoke to Molly, and I sure as hell wasn’t hanging out with strippers. Why the fuck would I want anything to do with a stripper when I have you?”

Her eyes soften slightly, and she’s no longer glaring at me like she wants to chop my fucking head off. It’s a start.

“Not that I have you . . . but I’m trying to have you again. I don’t want anyone else. More importantly, I don’t want you to want anyone else either. I don’t know why you would run to Zed, anyway. I know he’s nice to you blah blah blah . . . but he’s full of shit.”

“He hasn’t done anything to make me think that, Hardin,” she insists.

“He texted you from my phone pretending to be me, he purposely told you about the strippers—”

“You don’t know that he texted me, and I’m actually glad to have learned about the strippers.”