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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“You don’t get to tell me who I can talk to, Hardin.”

“What more proof do you need? Was him texting you from my phone not enough?”

“It wasn’t him! He wouldn’t do that.”

I don’t think he would, at least. Why would he?

I’m going to ask him about it either way, but I just don’t see him doing that to me.

“You are literally the most naïve person I’ve ever met, and it’s really fucking infuriating.”

“Can we please stop arguing?” I sit back down on the bed and hold my head in my hands.

“Agree to stay away from him.”

“Agree to not fight him, again,” I fire back.

“You’ll stay away if I don’t fight him?”

I don’t want to agree, but I don’t want Hardin to fight him either. This is all giving me a headache. “Yes.”

“When I say stay away from him, I mean no contact with him at all. No texts, no going by the science building, nothing,” he says.

“How did you know I went there?” I ask him. Did he see me?

My heart begins to race at the thought of Hardin seeing Zed and me in the greenhouse full of glowing flowers.

“Nate told me he saw you.”


“Is there anything else you need to tell me while we’re on the topic of Zed? Because once this conversation is over, I don’t want to hear another word about him,” Hardin says.

“No.” I lie.

“You’re sure?” he asks again.

I don’t want to tell him, but I have to. I can’t expect honesty from him when I don’t give the same in return.

I close my eyes. “I kissed him,” I whisper, hoping that he didn’t hear me. But when he knocks the books off the desk, I know he did.


chapter one hundred and thirteen


I open my eyes and look up at Hardin from the bed, but he isn’t looking at me. I feel like he’s barely registering that I exist. His eyes are focused on the books he pushed to the floor as he clenches his fists at his sides.

To bring him back to me from wherever he is, I say it again. “I kissed him, Hardin.”

Instead of looking at me, he taps his fists against his forehead in frustration, and my mind scrambles for an explanation. “I . . . you . . . why?” he mumbles.

“I thought you forgot about me . . . that you didn’t want me anymore, and he was there and . . .” My explanation isn’t fair, and I know it. But I don’t know what else to say. My feet won’t move toward him like my mind wants them to, and I remain on the bed.

“Stop saying that shit! Stop fucking saying he was there. I swear to God, if I hear that one more fucking time . . . !”

“Okay! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Hardin. I was so hurt and confused, he was saying all the things that I was so desperate for you to say and—”