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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

Zed is sitting on the edge of a hospital bed. He’s shirtless, wearing only jeans and socks. His face.

“Oh my God!” I can’t help but blurt out as I take in his appearance.

His nose is broken; I already knew that, but it looks so bad. It’s so swollen and both his eyes are black. His chest is covered in bandages; the set of stars inked just below his collarbones is the only thing not covered in bandages or cuts.

“Are you okay?” I walk over to the bed. I hope he’s not angry with me for coming here, to the hospital; this is my fault, after all.

“Not really,” Zed says timidly. He lets out a deep breath and ruffles his hair before opening his eyes. He pats the bed next to him and I walk over to sit beside him.

“I’m so sorry for this. Will you tell me what happened?”

Zed’s caramel eyes meet mine and he nods. “I was in the lab—not the one I showed you, but our plant tissue lab—and he came in there and started telling me to stay away from you.”

“Then what?”

“I told him he doesn’t own you and he slammed my head against a metal bar.” I flinch at his words, looking at his nose.

“Did you tell him you slept with me?” I ask, unsure whether I believe this or not.

“Yeah. I did. I’m really sorry for saying that, but you have to understand he was attacking me, and I knew that was the only way to get to him. I feel like such an asshole for saying it. I’m really sorry, Tessa.”

“He promised me that he’d stay away from you if I did, too,” I tell him.

“Well, looks like he broke another promise, didn’t he?” he says pointedly.

I stay quiet for a minute and try to put the fight together in my head. I’m angry at Zed for telling Hardin we slept together, but I’m glad he admitted it and apologized. I don’t know which of these boys to be more angry with. It’s hard to be angry at Zed as he sits here with so many injuries that I basically caused, and despite all of that he’s still being so kind to me.

“I’m sorry that this keeps happening because of me,” I tell him.

“It’s not your fault. It’s mine, and his. He just views you as some sort of property, and it pisses me off. You know what he said to me? He said that I should know better than to ‘fuck with what’s his.’ That’s how he talks about you when you aren’t around, Tessa.” His voice is soft and calm, totally unlike Hardin’s.

I don’t like the way Hardin seems to think he owns me either, but it bothers me when someone else says it. Hardin doesn’t know how to handle his emotions and he’s never been in a relationship before. “He’s just territorial.”

“You can’t really be defending him right now.”