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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“My nose,” he then offers as a gesture to soften the moment. “When they had to set the broken bone.”

“Are you going to press charges against him?” I finally ask what I came here to ask.


“Don’t, please.” I stare into his eyes.

“Tessa, you can’t do this. It isn’t fair.”

“I know. I’m sorry, but if you press charges he’ll go to jail, to real jail.” The thought sends me into a panic again.

“He broke my nose and I have a concussion; if he’d hit my head against that floor again, it would’ve killed me.”

“I’m not saying that’s okay, but I’m begging you. Please, Zed. We are leaving anyway. I’m transferring to Seattle, and Hardin will be gone, too.”

Zed looks at me with worry. “He’s coming with you?”

“No—well, yes. You won’t have to worry about him anymore. If you don’t press charges, you won’t have to hear from him again.”

Zed looks at me through swollen eyes for a few seconds. “Fine.” He sighs. “I won’t press charges against him, but please promise me that you’ll really think about this. All of this; think of how much easier your life would be without him, Tessa. He attacked me for no reason, and here you are cleaning up his mess, as always,” he says, utterly irritated

I don’t blame him, though. I’m using the feelings he has for me against him, to persuade him to not press charges against Hardin.

“I will, thank you so much,” I tell him and he nods.

“I wish I had fallen in love with someone who could love me back,” he says so quietly that I barely hear him.

Love? Zed loves me? I know he has feelings for me . . . but he loves me? His fight with Hardin—the reason he’s in the hospital right now—is my fault. But he loves me? He has a girlfriend and I’m so back and forth with Hardin. I look over at him and pray it’s the pain medication speaking, not really him.


chapter one hundred and twenty-one


I’ll see you at home, Tessa,” Landon says as Tessa and I climb out of my dad’s car and walk toward mine.

I look back at him and mumble a nice “fuck you” under my breath.

“Leave him alone,” she warns and disappears into my car.

When I get inside, I turn the heat up and look at her with thankfulness in my eyes. “Thanks for coming home with me, even if it’s just for the night.”

Tessa just nods and leans her cheek against the window.

“You okay? I’m sorry about today, I—” I begin.

She sighs, cutting me off. “I’m just tired.”

Two hours later, Tessa is fast asleep on the bed, her arms hugging my pillow and her knees curled up to her chest. She’s breathtaking even when she’s exhausted. It’s still too early for me to go to sleep, so I go into the closet and grab the copy of Pride and Prejudice she gave me. Bright yellow marker covers much more of the book than I expected, so I lie next to her once again and begin to read the marked passages. One catches my eye: