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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

He sighs. “Tessa . . .” I can tell he’s angry, but my head’s too fuzzy to care. “How much did you drink?” he asks.

“I dunno . . . like five. Or six. I think,” I answer and lean against the wall. The cold tile feels amazing on my hot skin through the thin material of my dress.

“Five or six what?”

“Sexes on the Beaches . . . we never had sex on the beach . . . That could have been fun,” I say with a smirk. I wish I could see his stupid face right now. Not stupid . . . beautiful. But stupid sounds better right now.

“Oh God, you’re trashed,” he says. Somehow I know that he’s running his fingers through his hair. “Where are you?” he asks again.

I know it’s immature, but I reply, “Somewhere you’re not.”

“Obviously. Now tell me. Are you at a nightclub?” he barks.

“Oooh . . . someone is a grumpy gills.” I laugh.

Clearly he can hear the music in the background, so when he threatens, “I can easily find out where you are,” I sort of believe him. Not that I care.

The words are out before I can stop them: “Why didn’t you call me today?”

“What?” he asks, clearly thrown off by my question.

“You didn’t try to call me today.” I sound pathetic.

“I didn’t think you wanted me to.”

“I don’t, but still.”

“Well, I’ll call you tomorrow,” he says calmly.

“Don’t get off the phone yet.”

“I’m not . . . I was just saying that I’ll call you tomorrow, even if you don’t pick up,” he explains and my heart leaps.

I try to sound neutral. “Okay.” What am I doing?

“So now can you tell me where you are?”


“Is Trevor there?” His tone is serious.

“Yeah, but Kim is, too . . . and Christian.” I’m defending, though I don’t know why.

“So this was the plan, then? To take you to the conference and get you wasted and take you to a fucking club?” He raises his voice. “You need to go back to your hotel. You aren’t used to drinking and now you’re out and Trevor—”

I hang up before he can finish. Who does he think he is? He’s lucky that I even called him, drunk or not. What a buzzkill.

I need another drink.

My phone vibrates repeatedly, but I press ignore each time. Take that, Hardin.

I find my way back to our VIP section and ask the cocktail waitress for another drink.

“Are you okay?” Kimberly asks. “You look pissed.”

“Yeah, I’m fine!” I lie and down my drink as soon as the waitress brings it. Hardin is such a jerk, he’s the reason that we aren’t together, and he has the nerve to try to yell at me when I call him? He could be here with me right now if he hadn’t done what he did. Instead, Trevor is. Trevor, who is very sweet and very handsome.

“What?” Trevor smiles at me when he catches me staring.

I laugh and look away. “Nothing.”