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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“I’m sorry, but no,” I say and walk away.

When I get back my group, Trevor looks like he’s about to fall asleep on the couch. I can’t help but smile at his adorableness.

Is that even a word? God, I drank too much.

I take a seat and grab a bottled water out of the ice bin on the table.

“Have fun?” Kimberly asks me, and I nod.

“Yeah, I had a great time,” I say, despite what happened a few minutes ago.

“Are you almost ready, honey? We have to get up early,” Christian says to Kim.

“Yup. I’m ready when you are.” She runs her hand up his thigh. I look away and feel my cheeks flush.

I poke Trevor. “Are you coming or are you going to sleep here?” I tease.

He laughs and sits up straight. “I haven’t decided, this couch is comfortable. The music so soothing . . .”

Christian calls the driver, who says he’ll be here in a few minutes. We all get up and decide to walk down the spiral staircase that runs along one side of the club. At the first-floor bar, Kimberly orders one last drink, and I debate whether to have another while we wait, but realize I’ve had enough. If I have another, I might pass out, or throw up. Neither of which I want to do.

When Christian gets a text, we all move toward the exit. I welcome the cold air on my hot skin, thankful there is only a light breeze as we climb into the car.

It’s almost three in the morning when we get back to the hotel. I’m drunk and starving. After raiding my minifridge and eating almost everything inside, I stumble over to the bed and plop down without even removing my shoes.


chapter sixteen


Shhhrrrrut up,” I grumble when an obnoxious noise pulls me from my drunken slumber. It takes me a few seconds to realize the noise isn’t my mother yelling at me for something, but rather someone banging on my door.

“God, I’m coming!” I shout and stumble my way to the door.

But then I stop and glance at the clock on the desk: it’s almost four in the morning. Who the hell could that be?

Even in my drunken state, my mind begins to race with sharp fear. What if it’s Hardin? It’s been over three hours since I drunk-dialed him, but how would he find me? What will I say to him? I’m not ready for this.

When the pounding recommences, I throw all my thoughts aside and swing the door open, preparing for the worst.

But it’s just Trevor. Disappointment stings in my chest, and I wipe at my eyes. I feel just as drunk now as I did when I lay down.

“Sorry for waking you, but do you have my phone?” he asks.

“Huh?” I say and back into the room so he can enter. When the door swings shut behind him, we’re engulfed in relative darkness, the only light being from the city outside my window. I’m too drunk to find the light switch, though.