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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

“Oh, I understand. I’m sorry. I sh-shouldn’t have . . .” he stutters.

“No, it’s okay. I’m just not ready for that . . .” I explain, and he smiles.

“I understand. I’ll let you go now. Good night, Tessa,” he says and walks away.

As soon as I enter my room I let out a deep breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding in. I step out of my shoes, debating whether or not to undress or just lie down. I’m tired, so tired. I decide to lie down while deciding, and within minutes I’m out.

THE ENTIRE NEXT DAY with Kimberly flies by, and we do more gossiping than shopping.

“How was your night last night?” she asks me.

The woman filing my nails perks her head up nosily, and I smile at her. “It was nice, Hardin and I went to dinner,” I say, and Kimberly gasps.


“Trevor. I meant Trevor.” I would smack myself in the forehead if I weren’t getting a manicure.

“Hmm . . .” Kimberly teases me, and I roll my eyes.

After our manicures we find a department store. We look at a lot of different shoes, and I see some stuff I like, but nothing I really want to buy. Kimberly buys several tops with an enthusiasm that tells me she really likes shopping.

As we pass by the men’s department, she pulls a navy button-up shirt off the rack and says, “I think I’ll get Christian a shirt as well. It’s fun because he hates when I spend money on him.”

“Doesn’t he . . . you know, have a lot?” I ask, hoping not to sound too nosy.

“Oh yes. Shitloads. But I like to pay for myself when we go out. I’m not with him for his money,” she says proudly.

I’m glad that I met Kimberly. Aside from Landon, she’s my only friend now. And I’ve never really had a lot of female friends, so this is a little new for me.

Despite that, when Christian calls and arranges for the car to pick us up, I’m glad. I’ve had an amazing time here in Seattle, but it’s been a horrible time as well. I sleep the entire drive back home and have them drop me back off at the motel. To my surprise, my car is there, parked where it had been before.

I pay for two more nights and text my mother to tell her I’m sick, and that I suspect it’s food poisoning. She doesn’t respond, so I turn on the television after getting into my pajamas. There is nothing, literally nothing, on, and I would rather read anyway. I grab my car keys and go out to the car to get my bag.

When I open my car door, something black catches my eye. An e-reader?

I pick it up and pull the small Post-it note off the top. Happy Birthday—Hardin, it reads. My heart swells, then tightens. I never liked the idea of portable reading devices. I prefer to hold a book in my hands. But after the conference this weekend, my opinion has slightly changed. Besides, it’ll make it easier to carry around submissions for work without having to waste all that paper printing them out.