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After We Collided (After, #2) by Anna Todd Read Online (FREE)

I’M AWOKEN BY A SHARP SOUND and stare at the ceiling, I can barely see the blades of the fan moving through the darkness.

Then I hear it again, Hardin’s voice. “No! Please!” he whimpers.

Shit, he’s having one of his nightmares. I jump out of bed and kneel down beside his thrashing body.

“No!” he repeats, much louder this time.

“Hardin! Hardin, wake up!” I say into his ear and shake his shoulders.

His shirt is soaked with sweat and his face twisted as he opens his eyes, sitting up immediately. “Tess . . .” he breathes and pulls me into his arms.

I rub my fingers through his hair before bringing my hand down to his back. I gently run my hands up and down his back, my nails barely grazing his skin.

“It’s okay,” I tell him over and over again, and he hugs me tighter. “Come on, let’s go to bed,” I say and stand up. Holding on to my T-shirt, he climbs into the bed with me.

“Are you okay?” I ask him when he lies down.

He nods and I pull him closer to me. “Do you think you could get me some water?” he asks.

“Of course. I’ll be right back.”

I turn on the lamp before climbing back out of the bed, then try to keep as quiet as possible so as not to wake Trish. But I get to the kitchen, she’s already there.

“Is he okay?” she asks.

“Yeah, he’s okay now. I’m just getting him some water,” I say to her and fill up a glass in the sink. When I turn back around, she pulls me into a hug and kisses my cheek.

“Can we talk tomorrow?” she asks.

Suddenly I’m too nervous to speak, so I just nod, which makes her smile, though she sniffles as I walk off.

Back in our room, Hardin looks slightly relieved when I return and thanks me as he takes the water from my hand. He gulps down the entire glass while I watch him and join him back on the bed. I can see how uneasy he is, likely from the nightmare, but I know part of it is because of me.

“Come here,” I tell him and see the relief in his eyes as he scoots his body toward mine, and I wrap my arms around him and put my head on his chest. It feels just as comforting to me as I imagine it does to him. Despite everything he has done, I feel like home in this flawed boy’s arms.

“Don’t let me go, Tess,” he whispers and closes his eyes.


chapter thirty


I wake up sweating. Hardin’s head is on my stomach, and his arms are in a bear hug around me. Surely his arms must be numb from my body weight. His legs are intertwined with mine, and he’s snoring lightly.

Taking a deep breath, I carefully lift my hand to brush his luscious hair from his forehead. I feel like I haven’t touched his hair in so long, but in reality it’s only been since Saturday. My mind replays the events in Seattle like a movie as I run my fingers through his soft mess of hair.