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Read Darynda Jones Novels online free

Darynda Jones is the American author of the Charley Davidson series of paranormal romantic thrillers and a young adult series called The Darklight Trilogy. She lives in New Mexico. She is a recipient of the RITA Award.Darynda Jones’ protagonist Charley Davidson is a private investigator living in Albuquerque, New Mexico but that isn't all Charley does for a living. Charley is a portal to heaven and was born onto Earth as a Grim Reaper. Not only can she see the dead but she can touch them. The dead who have lingered around after passing, due to numerous reasons, can see her 'light' from anywhere on Earth. When they pass through her, Charley gets a glimpse of their life, scents, feelings, memories and such.The very first person to pass through Charley was her mother who died giving birth to Charley. Her mother told her she loved her and then passed through Charley. Charley remembers this because her memory extends from the day she was born. One of the very first things she can recall is the Big Bad, a being shrouded in darkness who always seemed to be saving her. The books balance humor, romance and suspense.