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Baby Fever Bride (Baby Fever Love, #1) by Nicole Snow Read Online (FREE)

Baby Fever Bride (Baby Fever Love, #1) by Nicole Snow

Read Baby Fever Bride (Baby Fever Love, #1) by Nicole Snow online free here.






My biological clock just exploded.

Eighteen months. That’s how long I have to make a baby happen before it becomes one more broken dream.

Fate has a sick sense of humor, though. Its name is Hayden Shaw.

Yes, the Hayden Shaw. Billionaire developer, scandalously gorgeous, his hard-headed ego only eclipsed by his enormous…reputation.

The man who has everything except one missing piece.

He needs a bride to fool the world. I need a baby. Hello, first class donor material.

It’s simple business. Strictly professional. A no nonsense, pretend-my-panties-aren’t-melting trade.

Love isn’t in the fine print. No, I don’t care how many times I have to stop swooning when I’m in his arms, locked in his kiss, smiling like we’re meant to be for the cameras.

Simple, I said, remember? Yeah. Who the hell am I kidding?


My new wife is completely insane. The spitfire who just agreed to play pretend thinks we’re doing this baby thing in a lab, without ending up between the sheets.

Too bad I see right through it whenever she says her favorite line. Strictly professional? Please.

Too bad I taste how bad she wants it when we’re giving the press something to talk about, lips tangled together like there’s no tomorrow.

Too damned bad she’s perfection itself, and ‘professional’ went out the window the second she stormed into my life.

She’s also my last chance at stopping a scheme to steal the family fortune, turning my riches to rags.

But I’m Hayden Shaw. I’m in control. I don’t back down. Ms. Naughty and Nice will never, ever know how bad I’m twisted up in our chase.

This isn’t Cinderella, and I’m no Prince. Soon, I’ll show Penny this isn’t all make believe. Consummating this marriage is about to get very real…



Tick-Tock (Penny)


It’s only ten o’clock in the morning, and I’m completely boned.

No, not in the way I want to be. There’s nothing handsome, alpha, or inked about the middle aged doctor rattling off my lab results, and they’re not pretty.

I’m sitting in his office, trying to listen to what he’s saying, before I ask if there’s been a horrible screw up.

Wishful thinking. Dr. Potter, a thin balding man who can’t stop giving me the most sympathetic look in the world, doesn’t make mistakes.

“Just to confirm, we ran your blood test three times before reporting the results to the CDC, as required under Federal law. There’s no mistaking it.” He holds a finger up, as if he’s read my mind. “I’m sincerely sorry to deliver the bad news, Ms. Silvers. The fever and sweats you’ve been complaining about should have already diminished. They won’t be back. As for the long-term consequences –“

He stops when I choke up. Long-term…that’s really what he wants to call it?