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Baby Fever Promise (Baby Fever Love, #2) by Nicole Snow Read Online (FREE)

Baby Fever Promise Read Online

Read Baby Fever Promise (Baby Fever Love, #2) by Nicole Snow online free here.



Hello, Again (Robin)


Every girl knows about reckless men.

Reckless in the best ways, when they pick you up like a glass paperweight and hold you high, tilting fate just right until you’re glowing in the light of their kiss.

Reckless because they always let you fall.

Always, I said. No exceptions.

Sometimes they let go, gently watching as you drift down like a feather after they’ve had their fun. Other times, they hurl you down as hard as a stone skipping over water, shattering everything you thought you were into a hundred vicious smithereens when you hit their world at full breakneck speed.

Reckless with hearts. Reckless with life. Reckless in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the oh-so-irresistible. Reckless because they’ll never, ever be tamed.

I fell for a reckless man once.

He was my first, and deep down, I think I knew he’d be my last. He put me through hell, and he still hasn’t left my side.

He taught me there’s not much difference between the words reckless and forever.


* * *


“Seven percent, Robbi, just like we agreed. Frankly, I think it’s a crime my cut for making you the happiest little bird on earth is so low. Drinks are on you tonight.”

Little bird. I hate when she uses that nickname because I instantly recall where I’ve heard it before.

Of course, she doesn’t mean anything by it. She doesn’t mean it like him.

Words shouldn’t bother me. I’m used to Bebe Silk’s antics after working with her the past six months. But nothing could’ve prepared me for today, when she’s sitting across from me, more smug than a Cheshire cat.

I reach for the thick stack of papers she’s pushed in front of me. The Berkland Studios logo gleams forest green in the header, brighter than emerald. My hands are shaking.

“Holy shit. I can’t believe this.”

“Believe, doll. The world’s about to know you as the hottest little starlet since…well, since anything, if Mr. Pierce Rogan has anything to say about it. The film simply can’t fail in his capable hands. That man could make a mouse swoon after a cat on the silver screen. This is the big break we’ve been waiting for.” Like I don’t know it. Her grin gets wider, and she clasps her hands, leaning over the desk while she beams. “Congratulations, Allison Evers.”

“Allison Evers,” I repeat the name, wondering how many times it’ll take before it doesn’t feel strange on my lips.

It’s almost as incredible as hearing a legend like Pierce Rogan is directing the film. He’s made classics, works of art, and entire careers. Bebe isn’t exaggerating this time, as she’s often prone to do – Pierce’s talent means people will be talking about Allison Evers and the woman who played her when I’m in my wheelchair.

I can’t believe it’s happening, but it is. The miracle I’ve been hoping for ever since I clawed my way up the Hollywood heights has officially arrived.