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By Winter’s Light by Stephanie Laurens Read Online (FREE)

By Winter's Light Read Online Free

Read By Winter’s Light (Cynster, #22) by Stephanie Laurens online for free here.





Richard and Catriona Cynster’s household at Casphairn Manor, December 1837

Lord Richard Cynster, aka Scandal – married to Catriona, half-brother to Devil, Guardian of the Lady.

Catriona, Lady Cynster, Lady of the Vale – married to Richard, mother of their five children

Lucilla Cynster – eldest child of Richard and Catriona, twin to Marcus, future Lady of the Vale – 17years old

Marcus Cynster – eldest son, twin to Lucilla, future Guardian of the Vale -17 years old

Annabelle Cynster – second daughter of Richard and Catriona – 14 years old

Calvin Cynster – second son of Richard and Catriona – 11 years old

Carter Cynster – third son and youngest child of Richard and Catriona – 10 years old


Oswald Raven – tutor to Richard Cynster’s sons, confirmed bachelor

Melinda Spotswood, Miss – governess to Richard and Catriona’s daughters, confirmed spinster


Algaria – Catriona’s ageing mentor

McArdle – ancient retired butler of the manor


Polby – current butler of the manor

Broom, Mrs. – housekeeper at the manor

Cook – just that


Cynster families visiting for the holidays

Lady Helena Cynster, Dowager Duchess of St. Ives, Her Grace – matriarch of the clan, Devil’s mother

Lord Sylvester Cynster aka Devil, Duke of St. Ives, His Grace – married to Honoria

Lady Honoria Cynster, Duchess of St. Ives, Her Grace – married to Devil, mother of their three children

Lord Sebastian Cynster, Marquess of Earith – eldest son of Devil and Honoria – 18 years old

Lord Michael Cynster – second son of Devil and Honoria – 17 years old

Lady Louisa Cynster – only daughter, third and youngest child of Devil and Honoria – 14 years old


Spencer Cynster, aka Vane – cousin of Devil, brother of Demon, married to Patience

Patience Cynster – married to Vane, mother of their four children, sister to Gerrard Debbington

Christopher Cynster – eldest son and eldest child of Vane and Patience – 17 years old

Gregory Cynster – second son of Vane and Patience -16 years old

Therese Cynster – third child and only daughter of Vane and Patience – 14 years old

Martin Cynster – third son and youngest child of Vane and Patience) – 11years old


Samuel Morris – tutor to Vane and Patience Cynster’s sons, confirmed bachelor


Harry Cynster aka Demon – brother of Vane, cousin of Devil, married to Felicity

Felicity Cynster aka Flick – married to Demon, mother of their four children

Prudence Cynster – eldest daughter, eldest child of Demon and Flick – 16 years old

Nicholas Cynster – eldest son of Demon and Flick – 15 years old

Tobias Cynster aka Toby – second son of Demon and Flick – 11 years old

Margaret Cynster – second daughter and youngest child of Demon and Flick – 10 years old


Rupert Cynster aka Gabriel – brother of Lucifer, cousin of Devil, married to Alathea