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Camino Winds (Camino Island, #2) by John Grisham Read Online (FREE)

“Apparently it’s an easy drug to make and is produced only on demand.”

“So what does the drug do?” Bruce asked.

“Keeps the heart beating, barely, but only in people who are practically brain-dead anyway. It stimulates the medulla, the lower half of the brain stem that connects to the spinal cord and controls our involuntary functions like breathing, heart rate, swallowing, blood pressure. Pretty important little area.”

Nick added, “It also causes vomiting, which explains that side effect.”


“And no one knows the patients are blind, because they can’t open their eyes, right?” Bruce added.


Nick said, “So Nelson was on to something.”

“He certainly was. He knew about this drug, and the only way he could have possibly learned of its existence was through an informant, someone with deep connections at Grattin.”

“Thought so,” Nick said, almost under his breath. He shot a quick smug smile at Bruce, who could only shake his head.

“And what happened to Brittany?” Bruce asked.

Lindsey slowly took a sip of coffee while staring at Bruce. “Do you know what happened?”

“Yes, I do, and the question is whether you planned to tell me.”

“Yes, I was going to tell you. She’s dead.”

“Opioid overdose, according to the newspaper over in Kentucky. You believe that?”


“No, not really. It got real complicated and it’s far from over. We’re done, but the plot thickens. Evidently there was a surveillance camera in the pharmacy that Brittany did not notice. She was seen lifting the vitamin E3 along with other medications. Maybe pain pills, maybe not. We really don’t know. They kept a fair amount of the heavy stuff in the pharmacy but usually under lock and key. If Brittany lifted the opioids, we didn’t know about it. There are a few cameras around the facility but hardly anyone to monitor them. A colleague named Gerrard, a real character, had access to the cameras and he had noticed Brittany’s new and sudden interest in the pharmacy. It appears that Gerrard doesn’t miss much. He kept the footage for future extortion. He and Brittany despised each other. Not long afterward, she caught him in the room with the pregnant patient and they had a huge fight. She accused him of getting the girl pregnant and threatened to tell a lawyer. He accused her of stealing meds and said he had the video to prove it. He showed the video to the director and Brittany was fired on the spot. Two days later, the pregnant girl died ‘of complications.’ Brittany was certain that Gerrard juiced her with a mix of drugs. Her body was immediately sent to her mother in Ohio and buried quickly. The lawsuit was gone. The company then knew that Brittany had lifted some E3, although at the time our lab work wasn’t finished and we didn’t know about the drug. Neither did Brittany. Jumper suggested that she leave town for a spell and we even offered to send her away. She was thinking about this when she died.”