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Camino Winds (Camino Island, #2) by John Grisham Read Online (FREE)

He puzzled and pondered and took pages of notes, none of them revealing or helpful. He ordered another glass of rosé, and the second one proved as ineffective as the first.

With Nick away at school, Bruce’s favorite employee was Jade, a thirty-year-old part-timer with two college degrees and two toddlers at home. She was still looking for a career but in the meantime thoroughly enjoyed the flexible hours Bruce offered. She was a tech whiz, addicted to social media, knew the hottest and latest apps, and was contemplating a graduate degree in computer science. Without getting too specific, Bruce asked her to walk him through the scenario of corresponding through anonymous chat rooms. He fibbed and said such activity was a subplot in Nelson’s novel and he wanted it to be accurate. He knew it was quite unlikely Jade would ever read it.

She took a seat in his office and said, “BullettBeep is just another secret chat room, based in Bulgaria. Most are in Eastern Europe because privacy laws are tighter there. Crazy Ghost is based in Hungary. I found three dozen of these sites in half an hour. They’re legit, for a fee. Most are around twenty bucks for thirty days.”


“Can they be hacked?” Bruce asked.

“In my opinion, it would be very difficult for someone stalking you to read your messages on one of these sites.”

“Why not? Let’s assume I’ve been hacked as of now and they’re reading my mail. When I log in and go to BullettBeep or whatever, they’re watching, right?”

“To a point. Once you pay up and become a ‘member,’ for lack of a better term, your messages are instantly encrypted and protected. They have to be or these sites couldn’t work. They have to guarantee complete anonymity.”

“And they’re popular?”

“Who knows? It’s all secret. I mean, I never use them and I don’t know anybody who does, but then I’m not having an affair or selling arms or doing whatever Nelson was up to in his novels.”


She left and Bruce waited, and waited. At exactly 3:01, he went to BullettBeep, followed instructions, paid with a credit card (which was also being watched, he presumed), and said hello as 88DogMan. He was already tired of the silly names.

Hello HooDeeNee36. I’m here.

Good afternoon. How’s married life?

The same. Why did you mention my wife? I don’t like that.

I shouldn’t have. Sorry.


Friend or foe? I’m not sure.

Brittany was murdered. Would the enemy tell you this?

Yes, if the enemy was trying to scare the hell out of me.

You need to be scared. So am I. May I suggest a destination for the honeymoon?

Oh go ahead.

New York City. I’m there on business next week. We really should meet face to face. There is so much to cover.

And what will we cover? And where is this going? What’s the endgame?

You want Nelson’s killer?

Only if no one else gets hurt, including me. I can walk away right now.