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Camino Winds (Camino Island, #2) by John Grisham Read Online (FREE)


“Maybe she had no choice. Sleeping with Bob led her to her target.”

“Any chance she slept with Nelson?”

“Who knows? He was single and close by. A nice-looking gal, great body, ready to hop in the sack for other reasons but eager nonetheless. Surely you’ve seen this before.”

“Not really. It’s not unusual in the world of espionage but we’ve never seen it. The elite spy services have always recruited beautiful women who know how to seduce. As you know, men can be quite weak at times.”

“So I’ve heard. But this is not exactly the Mossad, right?”

“Highly unlikely. A trained spy would not run the risk of being caught on video around the hotel.”

“How many contract killers are female?”

“Zero, in my experience. Ingrid would be the first.”

“So how’d she do it?”

“I’ve read your summary and I think you’re pretty close. She arrived on the island with a colleague, probably a man. Posing as a couple, they leased a condo near Nelson’s. I assume there are plenty available.”

“Only about a million. It is Florida.”

“She hooked up with your friend Bob and that’s how she met Nelson. She got lucky when the storm appeared, and that virtually eliminated her chances of being caught. She’s gone.”

“No chance of finding her?”

“Always a slight chance. I’ll meet with my pals at the FBI and have a chat. They’ll be excited to see Ingrid here, to add her to their rather short list of professional killers. Who knows? This is a murky world and there’s often a potential informant looking for money. It’s a long shot but there might be someone out there who knows a thing or two and needs a buck. Doubtful, though.”


“What’s your theory on his computer?”

“After she killed him, she would not have left without his hard drive. However, if she simply stole it, then she would have left behind a massive clue for the police.”

“She replaced it?”

“That’s my guess. Replaced it with a hard drive that contains nothing useful but is heavily encrypted. The police can’t scratch its surface.”

“So she knew the specs of his desktop.”

“Again, we’re guessing at this point, but my answer would be yes. She and her pal had probably been inside Nelson’s condo. Did he have home security?”

“Yes, there was an alarm system. There was a camera at the front door and another looking at the rear patio. Both were destroyed in the storm. The police think they may have been disabled beforehand.”

“Where is his computer?” she asked.

“Police. They’re supposed to hand it over, along with other personal effects, next week. Polly McCann will meet with them and take possession. I’ve been pushed out of the investigation, which is fine with me.”

“What day next week?”


“I’d like to be there.”

“Come on down. I’ll give you the grand tour.”

“We really need to look at the hard drive. If it’s a dummy left behind by the killer, that’s a clue, though I’m not sure what we can do with it. If it’s the real hard drive, then it could be a treasure trove of information.”