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Dark Age (Red Rising Saga, #5) by Pierce Brown Read Online (FREE)


Dark Age (Red Rising Saga, #5) by Pierce Brown

Read Dark Age (Red Rising Saga, #5) by Pierce Brown full novel online for free here.

Dramatis Personae


DARROW OF LYKOS/THE REAPER Former ArchImperator of the Solar Republic, husband to Virginia, a Red

VIRGINIA AU AUGUSTUS/MUSTANG Reigning Sovereign of the Solar Republic, wife to Darrow, Primus of House Augustus, sister to the Jackal of Mars, a Gold

PAX Son of Darrow and Virginia, a Gold

KIERAN OF LYKOS Brother to Darrow, Howler, a Red

RHONNA Niece of Darrow, daughter of Kieran, lancer, Pup Two, a Red

DEANNA Mother to Darrow, a Red

SEVRO AU BARCA/THE GOBLIN Imperator of the Republic, husband to Victra, Howler, a Gold

VICTRA AU BARCA Wife to Sevro, neé Victra au Julii, a Gold

ELECTRA AU BARCA Daughter of Sevro and Victra, a Gold

DANCER/SENATOR O’FARAN Senator, former Sons of Ares lieutenant, husband to Deanna, Tribune of the Red bloc, a Red

KAVAX AU TELEMANUS Primus of House Telemanus, client of House Augustus, a Gold

NIOBE AU TELEMANUS Wife to Kavax, client of House Augustus, a Gold

DAXO AU TELEMANUS Heir of House Telemanus, son of Kavax and Niobe, senator, Tribune of the Gold bloc, a Gold

THRAXA AU TELEMANUS Praetor of the Free Legions, daughter of Kavax and Niobe, Howler, a Gold

ALEXANDAR AU ARCOS Eldest grandson of Lorn au Arcos, heir to House Arcos, allied to House Augustus, lancer, Pup One, a Gold

CADUS HARNASSUS Imperator of the Republic, second in command of the Free Legions, an Orange

ORION XE AQUARII Navarch of the Republic, Imperator of the White Fleet, a Blue

COLLOWAY XE CHAR A pilot, reigning kill-leader of the Republic Navy, Howler, a Blue

GLIRASTES THE MASTER MAKER Architect and inventor, an Orange

HOLIDAY TI NAKAMURA Dux of Virginia’s Lionguard, sister to Trigg, client of House Augustus, Centurion of the Pegasus Legion, a Gray

QUICKSILVER/REGULUS AG SUN Richest man in the Republic, head of Sun Industries, a Silver

PUBLIUS CU CARAVAL Tribune of the Copper bloc, senator, a Copper

THEODORA Leader of the Splinter operatives, client of House Augustus, a Rose Pink

ZAN ArchImperator of the Republic following Darrow’s removal, commander of Luna’s defense fleet, a Blue

CLOWN Howler, client of House Barca, a Gold

PEBBLE Howler, client of House Barca, a Gold

MIN-MIN Howler, sniper and munitions expert, client of House Barca, a Red

SCREWFACe Howler, client of House Augustus, a Gold

MARBLES Howler, hacker, a Green

TONGUELESS Former prisoner at Deepgrave, an Obsidian

FELIX AU DAAN Bodyguard to Darrow, client of House Augustus, a Gold


ATALANTIA AU GRIMMUS Dictator of the Society, daughter of the Ash Lord Magnus au Grimmus, sister to Aja and Moira, former client of House Lune, a Gold

LYSANDER AU LUNE Grandson of former Sovereign Octavia, heir to House Lune, former patron of House Grimmus, a Gold

ATLAS AU RAA/THE FEAR KNIGHT Brother to Romulus au Raa, Legate of the Zero Legion (“the Gorgons”), former ward of House Lune, client of House Grimmus, a Gold

AJAX/THE STORM KNIGHT Son of Aja au Grimmus and Atlas au Raa, heir of House Grimmus, Legate of the Iron Leopards, a Gold