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Dark Hunger (Dark #11.5) by Christine Feehan Read Online (FREE)

Dark Hunger Read Online Free

Read Dark Hunger (Dark #11.5) by Christine Feehan novel online for free here.

Chapter 1



“YOU would have to pick the most humid night of the year,” Juliette Sangria whispered to her sister. She wiped sweat from her forehead and crouched lower in the shrubbery to keep from being seen.

A spotlight swept the area of thick vegetation where the two girls were hidden, but it couldn’t penetrate the lush shrubbery and multitude of vines and creepers hanging from the trees. Jasmine waited for the light to pass before shrugging. “I saw them bring in three animals tonight. We have to get them out before they hurt them or perform experiments on them. You know that’s what this place is all about.”

Juliette swore under her breath and melted back into the shadows as the spotlight slid by them in a long sweep. She was certain the light was more for the superstitious guards, always afraid of the encroaching jungle. She knew from experience the jungle never slept and always tried to regain what man took away.

The building was concrete and mortar, fairly new, but already covered with moss and fungi, a dark, moldy green as the jungle crept back. Creeper vines climbed the walls and wound around the top of the building as if seeking a way in. There were no windows, and Juliette could imagine how hot it was inside for the animals, even with the thick walls. Humidity was always high here, and the research center had been built in the most unlikely of places. She knew it was built in this remote location simply to hide the fact that animals on the endangered species list were being used for illegal research.

“Jazz, we’ll only have six minutes to get as many animals out as possible. Some of them will be highly agitated. If any are beyond our help, you have to leave them. Is that understood?” She knew her sister’s affinity for wildlife. “These people play for keeps. I think they’d kill us, Jazz. Promise me, no matter what, you’ll get out in six minutes and head for home and stay there. I’ll hang back and make sure they don’t recapture any of the animals.”

“You’ll lay a false trail into the jungle to keep them off of me,” Jasmine said.

“That too. We both know I can lose them. Yes or no, Jazz, do you give me your word? We aren’t going in otherwise.” Juliette would take her younger sister home and come back another night if she didn’t promise. She detested that these men could come into her jungle and capture and torture animals and get away with it, but she wasn’t losing her sister over it.

“Six minutes,” Jasmine confirmed and set the alarm on her watch.

“Then let’s do it. I’ll take out the guard at the main entrance and you cut into the security system.”

Jasmine frowned as she nodded her acceptance of the plan. Juliette always made it sound so easy. Distracting and taking out the guard was always dangerous. She moved into a better position, covering her sister and getting closer to the main box where the wires were stored. Few people paid attention to that little box, but Juliette and Jasmine knew it contained the highway for the main alarms. At night, only the guards were in attendance and they were always nervous and highly superstitious. They seemed as afraid of what was out in the dark interior of the jungle as they were afraid of what was inside the building they guarded.