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Dead Girl Running (Cape Charade, #1) by Christina Dodd Read Online (FREE)

Dead Girl Running Read Online

Read Dead Girl Running (Cape Charade, #2) by Christina Dodd full novel online for free here.



Washington State’s Pacific Coast
Yearning Sands Resort
September of last year


Before Priscilla Carter came to Yearning Sands to be the resort’s assistant manager, she supposed her life here would involve a blend of poetry, nature and wealth. She imagined long walks among the towering pines, evenings spent in the luxurious lobby, sipping a cocktail while watching the sun set across the restless Pacific, and a wealthy, interesting man who would catch sight of her and rush to her side, drawn by the rhapsody of their souls.

That hadn’t happened.

When a wealthy, interesting man did show up—and they did, on a regular basis, because Yearning Sands was a destination resort—he was usually married to someone smart, pretty and young. If a single guy caught her gazing at the sunset, he would inevitably tell her his room needed to be cleaned. Her two seemingly good prospects bought her a couple of drinks, gave her a quick grope and rushed for the finish line, and when she demanded romance and promises, they couldn’t be bothered. Every viable candidate treated her as if she was a slave, and not the kind they wanted to handcuff and spank and have wild sex with, either. More like a faceless vehicle who lived to make their lives easier. That was so not her.

The man she considered her best prospect, actor Carson Lennex, had reported her brazen behavior to the resort owners. In forceful terms, Mr. Di Luca had reminded Priscilla that her role here was to assist Mrs. Di Luca, the resort’s manager. He’d used words like probation and trial period and suggested she might consider chasing her dreams elsewhere.

Elsewhere? She didn’t have another position—or a runaway marriage—lined up. So she went to work and got her chores done…mostly.

Priscilla was in training to take over from Annie Di Luca when Annie had one of her sick spells—Annie was really old and suffered from rheumatoid arthritis—or when the Di Lucas went on one of their rare vacations.

The main hotel building resembled a European castle with towers and turrets, and 592 rooms. Forty-eight cottages were scattered around the property. The resort hosted whale-watching tours and fishing expeditions off their dock, hiking trips to the nearby Olympic Mountains and expertly led scientific treks seeking local flora and fauna. They rented all-terrain vehicles, bicycles and small launches. They had four bars, twenty-seven miles of running paths and a beach access that led to the second-longest beach in Washington State. Luxury-inclined guests indulged in the infinity pool, the fine restaurants and the top-notch spa services. When the hotel was at capacity, they had two thousand guests, and ordering and organizing for the resort required hours and hours. Priscilla got tired and impatient and sourly commented that it seemed as if all of the guests were complaining all the time. But surely no sane person could expect her to do it all and do it all with a smile.