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Defenseless Hearts (Tender Hearts #2) by Meagan Brandy Read Online (FREE)

Defenseless Hearts (Tender Hearts #2) by Meagan Brandy

Read Defenseless Hearts (Tender Hearts #2) by Meagan Brandy full novel online for free here.



After months of silence, here she stands on my front porch, waiting to be let in again. But it’s the same play every time, and I know how this ends – I give her all I have and she carries it with her on the way back to him.

I should turn her away, but I won’t. Couldn’t do it if I tried.

Because no matter how many times she pops back up, pulls me in and drags me under, it will never be enough. I’ll always want more.
More of her.
More for us.

And she’ll always choose him.


Chapter 1




“I’m pregnant.”

My mouth opens, but words fail me as I stare at the girl in front of me. I had to have heard her wrong. No way in hell did she say what—

“Parker!” she snaps, and I blink back into focus. “You heard what I said. Stop talking to yourself.”

“I wasn’t—”

“Save it. I know you, remember?”

“I’m sorry, but I, uh … need a minute to process. I wasn’t expecting … that. Or you.”

Lips pursed, she shoulders past me into the house. Her nose turns up, judgment tightening her features as she takes in the simple style living my best friend, Lolli, and I have settled into. Sure, it’s beachfront, but it doesn’t scream money. Guessing that’s what she expected.

“Wow. I would have left my hometown for all this, too.” Sarcasm streams from her mouth as she leans against the back of the couch, her arms folded over her chest.

I wanna argue with her, defend my home, but she has a right to be upset with me.

I left her behind when I moved here, all without considering how it would affect her.

But I had to. I had to get out—for me.

When Lolli asked me to move to California, to live here with her and go to college, work for her company with the promise of taking it over once I graduated, it was almost a no-brainer.

Only a fool would walk away from that. So, I packed my shit and took off the day I graduated.

Doleful eyes search mine before cutting right to look out the window, and immediately, I feel like shit.

She must be scared, anxious, and unsure of everything in this moment.

Fucking pregnant.

With a sigh, I approach her, gently latching on to her biceps.

She tries hard to avoid it, but her faux strength fails, her emotions winning over. Tears fill her eyes as her bottom lip starts to quiver.

When I pull her close, she fights our nearness but only for a few seconds before she breaks down and gives in, turning to sob into my chest.

“Hey,” I whisper. “It’ll be all right,” I tell her, knowing it might be a lie.

“I’m s-scared.”

“I know you are.” I kiss her hair, and she cries harder. “But we’ll figure it out.”