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Delicious by Shayla Black Read Online (FREE)

Delicious by Shayla Black Read Online

Read Delicious (Wicked Lovers, #3) by Shayla Black full novel online for free here.

Chapter One

I ’M going to sink inside you so deeply, you won’t ever forget I was


Alyssa Devereaux shuddered at the memory of that growled promise,

as she‟d been surrounded by taut muscles and male need.

Luc Traverson. Even his name caused heat to stab her belly with want.

He‟d kept every bit of that promise; she‟d never forgotten him for a


The night he‟d spent in her bed had been amazing, magical.

Considering she‟d long ago given up on fairy tales, that was saying

something. Being enveloped in Luc‟s steely strength had been paradise.

Under his stare that night she hadn‟t just felt like a desirable woman, but

like the only woman. The intimacy . . . oh, God. Sizzling. Way beyond

making her toes curl, he‟d given her a whole new definition of pleasure. His

endless dark eyes had burned as he‟d slammed her with powerful strokes,

his long, midnight hair draped around their faces, cutting off all reality but

his whispered demands and rough breathing as he rode her from one

orgasm to the next.

He‟d brought her body to a fever pitch—to places she‟d never believed

a man could take her. He had done it again and again. For six hours. Never

tiring, never satisfied. Greedy, rapacious, and amazing.

She‟d had enough sex in her life to know they‟d shared something


The next morning . . . gone. No note, no explanation. A few days later,

he‟d sent flowers with an apology for any discomfort or pain he might have

caused. She‟d been pissed off, a bit hurt . . . but not terribly surprised.

Still, she wasn‟t willing to give up. For the chance to see Luc again,

Alyssa had broken her own rule and called him. Twice. He‟d never returned

her calls personally. Instead, his assistant had called merely to say that he

would keep his terms of their arrangement. Nothing more.

She‟d been nothing to him. Yes, she‟d known before their night

together that he didn‟t respect her. They‟d first met when she‟d stripped at




his buddy‟s bachelor party a few years back. Somehow, she‟d hoped

opening herself completely to Luc would change his mind.


Still, he was everything she‟d ever wanted in a man: attractive,

successful, capable of deep caring, sensitive, sexy . . . She wasn‟t giving

him up without a fight.

“Afternoon, boss lady.” Tyler Murphy sent her a long, low whistle, his

stare taking a meandering path down her body as she emerged from the

back of the club and stopped before the stage. “You‟re looking very fine.”

“Tyler,” she greeted the sandy-haired giant. “Your job is to watch the

patrons, not me.”

“Since we‟re not open yet, there‟s no one here to bounce. Besides, I‟m

not into ogling drunken frat boys or horny married men. What color are your

garters under that little black skirt?”