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Devil’s Daughter by Lisa Kleypas Read Online (FREE)


Devil’s Daughter by Lisa Kleypas Read Online


Devil’s Daughter by Lisa Kleypas

Originally published: February 19, 2019
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Preceded by: Hello Stranger
Genres: Erotic literature, Regency Fiction

Devil’s Daughter by Lisa Kleypas Read Online

Chapter 1

Hampshire, England, 1877

Phoebe had never met West Ravenel, but she knew one thing for certain: He was a mean, rotten bully. She had known it since the age of eight, when her best friend, Henry, had started writing to her from boarding school.

West Ravenel had been a frequent subject of Henry’s letters. He was a heartless, hardened case of a boy, but his constant misbehavior had been overlooked, as it would have been in nearly any boarding school. It was seen as inevitable that older boys would dominate and browbeat younger boys, and anyone who tattled would be severely punished.

Dear Phoebe,

I thought it would be fun to go to bording school but it’s not. There’s a boy named West who always takes my brekfast roll and he’s already the size of an elefant.

Dear Phoebe,

Yesterday it was my job to change the candlestiks. West sneaked trick candles into my basket and last night one of them went off like a rocket and singed Mr. Farthing’s brows. I got my hand caned for it. Mr. Farthing should have known I wouldn’t have done something so obvyus. West isn’t a bit sorry. He said he can’t help it if the teacher is an idyut.

Dear Phoebe,

I drew this picture of West for you, so if you ever see him, you will know to run away. I’m bad at drawing, which is why he looks like a pirate clown. He also acts like one.

For four years, West Ravenel had annoyed and plagued poor Henry, Lord Clare, a small and weedy boy with a delicate constitution. Eventually Henry’s family had withdrawn him from school and brought him to Heron’s Point, not far from where Phoebe lived. The mild, healthful climate of the coastal resort town, and its famed seawater bathing, had helped to restore Henry’s health and good spirits. To Phoebe’s delight, Henry had visited her home often, and had even studied with her brothers and their tutor. His intelligence, wit, and endearing eccentricities had made him a favorite with the Challon family.

There had never been a specific moment when Phoebe’s childhood affection for Henry had turned into something new. It had happened gradually, twining all through her like delicate silver vines, blossoming into a jeweled garden until one day she looked at him and felt a thrill of love.

She had needed a husband who could also be a friend, and Henry had always been her best friend in the world. He understood everything about her, just as she did him. They were a perfect match.

Phoebe had been the first one to broach the subject of marriage. She’d been stunned and hurt when Henry had gently tried to dissuade her.

“You know I can’t be with you forever,” he’d said, wrapping his lean arms around her, twining his fingers in the loose curls of her red hair. “Someday I’ll fall too ill to be a proper husband or father. To be of any use at all. That wouldn’t be fair to you or the children. Or even to me.”