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Double Dealing by Daphne Dawn Read Online (FREE)

Double Dealing by Daphne Dawn Read Online

Read Double Dealing: A MFM Menage Romance by Daphne Dawn online free here.



Two billionaire bosses. One willing secretary.

You might as well just leave a message…


Two gorgeous bosses eye me up as I walk in.

I feel them peel my clothes away with their hungry eyes

They’re imagining what I’ll be like under their desk.

And it’s only my first day.


But they take things one step further than I thought.

They bet each other on who can bed me first.

All of a sudden, they’ve started to train me.

So now, when they tell me to bend over, I obey

They tease me till I whimper.

They please me till I quiver.

I can’t decide who to have first.

But I do know this.

Who wins when two gorgeous alpha males bet on who gets you first?


I do.






We are at The Exchange in Minneapolis, and it is busier than usual. There are some nights where everyone wants to let their hair down, and apparently, this is one of them.

Scot and I sit on the upright beige stools at the bar, sipping whiskey and checking out the talent. Scantily clad women shimmy around, waiting for guys to ogle them, and we are more than happy to oblige.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sexy woman. Sure, okay – some men don’t know how to appreciate the fine things in life, but that’s not a description you can apply to me. I love the fine things in life, especially when their shape is a feminine one.

The Exchange is the kind of place I like to go to wind down. It’s an upscale place with classy décor and people that get drunk enough to have fun, but not so drunk they get trashy. Music thumps over the speakers, loud enough on the dancefloor to keep the writhing bodies happy, but far enough away from the bar so that Scott and I can talk comfortably.

“How’s your search for a new secretary going?” Scott asks.

I sip the last of my whiskey and wave to the bartender so he can get me a refill. I’m on my third glass and finally starting to buzz.

The problem with drinking more often is how tolerant you become, but I have the time and money to get myself properly lubricated tonight.

“I found someone,” I say.

“Yeah? Hot?”

I nod. “Fucking hot. She’s a full ten.”

“That doesn’t exist,” Scott says.

“You haven’t seen this one.”

There aren’t a lot of women as hot as Carly Brown. I’d spent the week interviewing one woman after the other, looking for a personal assistant. They’d been mostly good looking in one way or another and more than capable of doing the job, but I hadn’t felt that connection I believe in when I hire someone to work with me on a full-time basis.

When Carly walked into my office, I’d known before going over her qualifications with her that she was the one. She was banging hot, with curves that made my mouth water and plump, kissable lips.