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Enchanted by Colette Gale Read Online (FREE)

Enchanted Read Online Free

Read Enchanted: A New Love (The Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle, book 8) by Colette Gale online free here.


— I —

Jane stared out over the endless sea. It churned, as dark and forbidding as her thoughts and emotions. As cold and endless and bleak as her future.

Zaren had renounced her. He’d sent her away, rejected her.

He no longer loved her.

She would cry, but she had no more tears to make. Now, she felt like nothing but a dried, empty husk—like the outer covering of a bright green fruit she and Zaren had shared in the jungle.

She’d never learned the name of the fruit; only that it was sweet and yet tart, and the color of a bright green apple. The size of a plum. And that Zaren had fed it to her in small, delicate chunks in between kissing the juice from her lips…

Ah…she was wrong. There were tears left. Jane swiped the drops away as they mingled with the spray of sea tossed up as the ship cut through the choppy waves of night.

“Grieving yet again, are we, my lovely enchantress?”

Jane didn’t turn, but the flesh of her back prickled lightly with the awareness of the man who’d come up behind her. As much as she might dislike him, it was impossible to ignore his powerful, masculine presence.

Lord Akenov—the man who’d rescued her from the fire that overtook Queen Zenovia’s palace. If he hadn’t found her, Jane’s life would have been over, for she’d been collared and chained to the queen’s bed and there was no escape.

There were many moments Jane regretted Akenov’s bravery in dodging through the flames to save her. He should have left me alone. He should have left me to die with my grief.

But Akenov seemed to have become as obsessed with Jane as Zenovia had been. She’d enchanted him, he said.

“There’s no reason to shed tears over your love,” Akenov continued. His tone was cool and emotionless. “He sent you away, did he not? He didn’t want you any longer.”

Jane continued to stare out over the harsh sea. The moon struggled to fight through the clouds, just as she fought to block his words from her mind. But they penetrated too deeply.

Because she knew they were true.

Salt spray stung her eyes and she blinked rapidly.

My love. My husband.

“How much longer will we be at sea?” Jane asked. She didn’t continue with the obvious follow up question: where are you taking me? Nor did she turn to face him, for she knew without looking exactly how he appeared—with his regal stance, glittering dark eyes, and wind-tossed brown curls.

Perhaps if there’d never been a Zaren, Jane might have welcomed the attention of this handsome, wealthy man. He was, after all, a man who’d saved her life at great risk to his own. A man who was strong and handsome and very passionate. He was also brutal when he felt it necessary, and demanding.