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Falling for the Highlander by Lynsay Sands Read Online (FREE)

Falling for the Highlander Read Online

Read Falling for the Highlander (Highland Brides, #4) by Lynsay Sands full novel online for free

Chapter 1

“They’re here!”

Murine glanced up sharply from the message she was writing as her maid entered the room. She waited until Beth closed the bedchamber door before asking, “Did ye find out who they are?”

“Nay.” The brunette looked vexed. “None o’ the maids or the lasses in the kitchen seem to ken, or if they do they’re no’ telling me.”

“Oh,” Murine said with disappointment, then shook her head and returned her gaze to the message she’d been writing. Mouth tightening, she signed her name to the bottom. “It matters not. They’re Scots. Surely their trip home will take them past the Buchanans or the Drummonds and they will deliver this for me.” Biting her lip, she began to wave the parchment about to dry it and added, “I ha’e a couple coins left I can give them fer their trouble.”

“Most like they’ll pocket the coins, say they’ll deliver it and toss it away as soon as they’ve left Danvries,” Beth said unhappily. “I do no’ ken why ye just do no’ send one o’ yer brother’s men with the message.”

“I have sent three that way and got no response,” Murine reminded her grimly. Mouth flattening with displeasure, she admitted, “I begin to suspect Montrose is not sending them at all.”

“But why would he do that?”

“’Tis hard to say with my brother,” Murine muttered unhappily. “He’s a . . . difficult man.”

Beth snorted. “He’s a selfish, greedy cur, hell-bent on wagering his life away and yours with it. But I see no reason for him no’ to send yer messages to yer friends.”

“Neither do I,” Murine admitted unhappily. “But if he did send them, then . . .” She bit her lip, unwilling to give voice to her biggest fear. If Montrose had sent her messages, then Saidh, Jo and Edith just weren’t bothering to answer.

That thought was a troubling one and made her worry that she had said or done something when last they were together to upset them all. Murine had wracked her brain trying to sort out what that might be, but could think of nothing. She’d then switched to wondering if perhaps her brother wasn’t sending them as he assured her he would. She couldn’t imagine why, but was actually beginning to hope that was the case. It was certainly preferable to thinking her three best friends had turned their backs on her for some reason.

“It should be dry enough now,” she muttered and quickly rolled, then sealed the parchment.

“How are ye going to get it to the Scots without yer brother seeing?” Beth asked worriedly as she stood up.

“I heard Montrose ordering Cook to be sure he has lots of food and drink on hand when the Scots get here,” Murine explained as she slid the parchment up her sleeve and checked to be sure that it was concealed and wasn’t being crushed. “I shall slip the message to one of the men when Montrose is distracted with eating.”