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Hunter Killer by Brad Taylor Read Online (FREE)

Hunter Killer by Brad Taylor read Online

Read Hunter Killer (Pike Logan #14) by Brad Taylor Full Novel Online for free here

Chapter 1

The road in front of me was empty. Just a narrow alley leading to the entryway I intended to penetrate. A fetid, cobblestone lane built centuries ago, it was dimly lit, with more shadows than light and piles of trash hiding what may lie within.

Anywhere else in the world I would have silently cheered at the luck, but here, in Salvador, it raised the hackles on my neck. Empty roads in Brazil were like hearing the wildlife in a jungle suddenly go quiet, all the birds and monkeys realizing there was a predator afoot.

I was in the historical section of the old capital city, with plenty of folks less than a hundred meters away at restaurants and bars, but nobody was walking down this alley. Meaning there was a reason for the lack of activity. It was counterintuitive to anything I’d felt before, where the bystanders were most often the threat. Crowds allowed camouflage for individual hostiles, like pickpockets, but more important to me, they prevented offensive actions by a team.

There were just too many cameras and cell phones in today’s world, devices that recorded an event no matter how careful one was, so an empty alley was the perfect approach for me, and yet, I’d learned in my short time in Brazil that empty meant dangerous. For some reason, the humans here knew not to enter, an instinct that I should pay attention to.

Unfortunately, that was out of the question because a bad guy, my target, held my best friend’s life in the balance.

I turned to Aaron, and said, “That damn alley is going to be trouble. I can feel it.”

He knew what I meant. We didn’t worry about the “trouble,” per se; we worried about the mission, and whatever was waiting for us there could hinder that.

He said, “Hey, we only have twelve hours before the clock is up. That’s a blink of an eye for hostage rescue. We need to go tonight, or we’re not stopping what the police have in motion.”

I said, “Shoshana seems to think this is bad juju because of the monks. Maybe she’s right.”

He chuckled and said, “My wife is a little off. Like you.”

I nodded, but still hesitated, running through my options. He squinted his eyes and said, “You believe her. You think this is going to go bad because of what she felt.”

I said, “Aaron, cut the crap. She’s crazy all right, but sometimes she has a point. That’s all.”

He withdrew a Glock pistol, press-checked the chamber, and said, “One way or the other, we need to make a decision. And I think you’re afraid of her saying ‘I told you so’ because of this alley.”

I grunted a laugh and said, “Yeah, something like that. But you’re right. Too late now.”

I clicked my earpiece and said, “Koko, Koko, I’m about to penetrate. What’s your status?”